Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Thoughts Were So Loud I Couldn't Hear My Mouth

Hello there! I actually wore this outfit yesterday, and those of you who saw my video blog will probably recognize it. I felt very seventies wearing it, what with my long yellow vest and flowery powery dress. Today, I wimped out when getting dressed super early in the morning and went for a cozy pair of jeans (their nearly leggings. SO COMFY) and a sweater - not all that photo worthy. I've actually been feeling a bit self conscious lately to be honest. I won't get too much into it, because I know we all get self-conscious every now and then. It's just that with the video blog yesterday, I felt very self-conscious about my voice, which I think is absolutely terrible. Whenever I'm in my poetry class, no one asks me to read their poems aloud and the teacher never asks me to read any poems either, and I always wonder if it's just because my voice is terrible. And when you're interested in something where you often use your voice, it's tough to dislike yours. It's such a weird problem to have. And today I'm just feeling self-conscious about my appearence. I've discussed this before, but almost all of the girls on my campus dress up, wear skirts and dresses, boots and capes. In one way, it's really cool because I feel like I'm always getting inspired by everyone's outfits, and it's nice to not feel like an outsider wearing the clothes I like. But on days like today, where I wear jeans and my TOMS, I feel out of place and very self-conscious, like I should have worn a dress instead, or swapped my TOMS for ankle boots. Once again, kind of a weird problem to have. I don't want to be too much of a downer, so I'll stop here. But yeah. Do you guys ever have any of these problems? I know being self-conscious is a common issue, but I feel like these problems are sort of odd and specific.

Dress: Zara
Vest: Delia's
Tights: Hue
Moccasins: Minnetonka

Until tomorrow,


  1. I love those tights with that dress, perfection! I haven't checked out the Vlog yet (because I'm at work and I'm sure no one would approve of me viewing videos during work hours!) but I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. I hate my voice too (because I like singing and I'm completely tone deaf and because I sound 12!) but I know some people actually think it's cute. Other people think deeper, scratchier voices are super sexy. I guess everyone likes something different. I have a lot of moments (specially last year) where somethings really got to me and it really affected my self-esteem. This year, my resolution is to appreciate my quirks and not let negative people influence how I view myself. I still have difficult time here and there but I know its a part of life. Hang in there, and remember that we all have off days, no one looks perfect 24/7.

  2. I feel a little self-conscience for the opposite reason...a lot of my friends just wear pj bottoms and tees while I'm prancing around campus in some ridiculous floral dress. XD
    You look super-cute, though! Everyone has days when they just want to be comfy...especially at the beginning of the week! :D

  3. I totally know what you mean about dressing up or dressing down for class. On my campus everyone is still in the jeans and t-shirt phase, but there are a select handful of us that "dress up" or just dress differently. Sometimes it feels like we're in competition with each other. But I think you look beautiful and this outfit is lovely!

  4. beautiful outfit! love the sweater vest and its mustard yellow and the dress is just so darn pretty!

    i know what you mean about self-conciousness except dressing down is less risky here, its not like i get stares but its that air of uncomfortable-ness that forces me to stray away at times

  5. In my area I am out of placed when I am dressed up. I've been trying to wean myself out of jeans, and pants more often. It's harder than you think it would be. I get funny looks sometimes but it's okay.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. I have those days ALL the time! Actually my blog has only pictures of my good days! hahhahaha so imagine how I dress normally. TOMS TOMS TOMS jeans jeans jeans sweater sweater sweater. Story of my life! So don't worry. It happens to everyone, but you're still beautiful even if you wear jeans and feel like you could've chosen something better! Don't forget that! And your voice is super cute :)!!!!!!

    Oh, about the look! I love the shoes the most! But I seriously want to have the whole outfit! Everything! now :D

  7. we're in the same boat in many ways - i know whatcha mean with feeling self conscious! a few girls have recently "become stylish" (or whatever), and i feel like it has become a competition in some ways. i don't know. but then there is the opposite side of that - MOST people at my school aren't stylish, so sometimes i feel weird for that reason too. haha.

    i love the 70s vibes from this outfit! the colors are beautiful and i love your vest.


  8. if i'm not dressed up exactly how i want to be i feel silly and self conscious. today i wore jeans, mocs, a tshirt and a hoodie. this is all i used to wear 2 years ago, but i don't feel comfortable in them now.

    ugh so i know what your mean. your voice was interesting to me. with your accent and you sound adorable.

  9. So boho-chic :) Love this new look on you hehe! Ah! I haven't gotten around to watching your vlog but I bet it's cute! I'm gonna get to it this weekend though!

    We all have our self-conscious days. Today it was like 70-degrees and I would not take off my cardigan because I hate my arms even though I was sweating and complaining a bunch to Robert. I just couldn't bring myself to take it off. I hope you gain your confidence back though because you always look fabulous--even in your jeans outfits. And your voice is nothing to be self-conscious about dearie! You are cute in every single way! <3

  10. I think everyone finds its own voice weird, at least when I hear my own I find it really strange, but it must be like that with everybody...
    When I was in college very few people had a sense of style similar to mine, which meant stares whenever I wore red tights or clothes different than most people, I wish I had people to share my opinions on style and fashion...

  11. Oh, and I adore your outfit once again :)

  12. I just saw my face on your blog and SQUEALED! So thank you:) You made my day. And I adore this ddress and especially with the mustard! My favorite combination is mustard with florals:) Hehe.


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