Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Carried It All So Well

Hello there! I just wanted to start off by stating the obvious: you are all so wonderful! Your comments on my last post made me so happy. I smiled as I read each and every one, and I'm so happy to have met you all through blogging! I'm going to keep this post a wee bit short since I'm exhausted and have oodles of work to do. I actually went shopping yesterday after class to Forever 21, and picked up this skirt along with a few other goodies. I have to say, it's lovely having a wearable floral skirt in my life again. The only other floral patterned skirt I own I got years ago, and the waistband is now HUGE. Seriously. I wore it once a while ago and was terrified that it was going to fall down in the middle of Target, which is never ideal. Forever 21 has some cute clothes, it's just that their stores overwhelm me so much. I'll see something I like online, then head to the store to browse for it, but be immediately turned off by how messy and chaotic everything is. Yesterday, though, I was finally strategic and hit the store on an off day at an off hour and HUZZAH! Cute clothes are mine!

Top: Delia's
Sweater: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Hue
Hat: Modcloth
Belt: Target
Shoes: Ruche

Until Tomorrow,


  1. I adore this outfit, the hats and the tights are great finishing touches. I hate stores like that, it makes it such an effort to shop when it's meant to be enjoyable! The skirt looks lovely on you though so worth the hassle.

  2. Love the skirt, it's a great find! And I want your shoes too! I try to go to F21 when I get out of work early on Fridays, that way I'm in and out before the crowds get in!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. The skirt is great. I find a lot of juniors stores are a huge headache to deal with. I will call the store, ask if they have the item. Usually they offer to hold it for me. That way I walk in, and get what I want. It works for me, and I spend less that way.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. finally, someone who had pointed out F21's problem! they are overcrowded and intimidating with all those people. lovely buy, by the way the skirt is very very cute! the yellow tights are so cheerrry!

  5. That IS a great skirt. I love it. And the yellow tights are perrrfect! F21 freaks me out, too. I always feel like I'm going to be toppled over!

  6. I have never bought anything from forever 21. I walk past it but it totally seems to crazy for me! I do love this outfit though and I want a skirt like that but I broke my shopping ban AGAIN! So I seriously need to stop for awhile! haha


  7. F21 can be kind of chaotic...but a few of the stores around where I live seem to group sections of the area into collections and themes, which is pretty nifty. :D
    You look really cute! I especially love the color of the tights, and the hat!

  8. So pretty! I love what you did with all these colours!

  9. I Have that skirt! Haven't worn it in a while too--must get it out soon :) It looks great on you dear and I love how you paired with mustard yellow tights and that hat!

  10. The skirt is amazing! And so are the yellow tights! So cheerful :)

  11. Hey sweetie I have missed your posts! I am happy to see that you are looking as adorable as ever :)

    Yeah I feel you on F21, Mad-house! I love the bright tights with the skirt, you are so ready for Spring!

  12. I didn't say anything in your last post, but I think there's no need for you to thank the blogging community. I mean, you seem like an amazing person, and only for what you wrote in the previous post makes me think you shouldn't care about not making friends easily, because the ones you make (including through blogging) are worth of your friendship.

    Anyway, that's a very nice outfit with the yellow tights and floral skirt.

  13. I agree with what Raquel said. You are a beautiful person inside and out and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend- no need to thank us, we should be thanking YOU.

    You are one of the sweetest gals I've ever known!

    I can relate to the F21 trouble. There is ONE in Nashville and it's a zoo. I went in there once and I think one of the girls in there got to second base. Yikes.

    Love this skirt on you and, again, a HUUUUGE fan of those tights. I have such a crush on them.


  14. I want those shoes so badly... and those tights. Jealous. I'm going back through old posts and leaving brief, pointless comments. Sorry. <3

  15. hahaha oh my gosh! we have the same skirt. :)
    i want to pair mustard tights with it but i dont have any!


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