Friday, February 25, 2011

The Vest I Swore I'd Never Wear


Hello there! So, as you've most likely noticed, I am totally wearing a vest today. A cropped fringed vest. So the story goes, about a year ago, my grandma was shopping at JCPenney (as she is apt to do) and, knowing that I like clothes that most normal people would never wear, she picked up this vest for me. It became a running joke in my household to reference the vest and ask why I hadn't worn it yet. Safe to say, I tucked it into the very back of my closet. Until this morning (cue dramatic music). I had put together my outfit (sans vest) but it just felt a bit boring, like it was missing some sass. And there it was, peeping out behind the striped sweaters and floral dresses - THE vest. I think it ended up pulling things together nicely. Also, the teacher I was meeting with today ALWAYS wears button downs and vests from thrift stores and stuff, so I may have been subconsciously channeling his style? That's normal, right? Oh goodness. Anyway, the moral of the vest story is that you should keep any weird/ugly clothes your grandma gives you, because she may or may not be able to see the future, a future in which you will want to wear a fringed cropped vest.

Plaid shirt, Skirt: UO
Tights: Hue
Belt: Target
Shoes: Mom's

Finally got a snake ring! Ignore my gross hand.

I hope you all have lovely weekends!


  1. that vest is completely adorable! i don't know what you're talking about! my grandma would never even try to buy me clothing i'm pretty sure...

    also, i think it's safe to say that every outfit with these tights makes me so happy. i need to get myself a pair in this color!!


  2. How come I have never heard about this vest? Grandma never buys me fringe vests.

  3. Ye ha, love the waistcoat (vest) and I love the fringing.

  4. i will definetely be keeeping those unique but collecting dust items. never know when they'll be coming to use. the fringe vest is amzing and adds that somthing to it. your grandma has great taste!

  5. haha! The vest of course looks great, though I bet I would have stuffed it deep in my closet too a year back! I almost got rid of a proper vintage lumberjack shirt some five years ago... luckily my mom had the presence of mind to save it and now I wear it all the time. ; )

    You don't look at all boring!

  6. I LOVE THIS VEST. Well, I know I don't like fringe myself because I'll probably get stuck on a door or something, you pull it off so well! And that snake ring is AWESOME. I want one!

  7. the vest is actually nice.. nice score, grandma! it would look cool with simple jeans and a white tee too :)

  8. it looks really nice. i like how u paired it! such a cute outfit!it looks really good on you! makes me feel like i should revisit some hidden pieces in my closet!


  9. Oh cute outfit! I love the grandma vest! It's a great layering piece. And I am in love with the dark orange tights! I may need some of my own:)

  10. THE VEST.
    i just like how you said it.
    i think it's cute! vests always make an awesome addition to an outfit. :)

  11. You styled it so well! It looks so put-together and cute!

  12. Grandmas give the best stuff. I never thought I would need a black turtleneck. I always thought they looked bad on me. My Grandmas go me one. Now I love it, and I think it looks classy.
    My Heart Blogged

  13. I couldn't help but (honestly) laugh at the "ignore my gross hand" :) I like the moral of the story and the vest itself. it definitely adds some sass to the rest of your outfit!


  14. Who knew your grandmother was ahead on the trends! Way to go! I think the cropped vest looks great : )

  15. i think it makes the outfit much more edgy. love your snake ring!

  16. Haha, gotta love your grandma for picking out something unique. While I honestly don't see it as your style, I think you totally made it your own. By pairing it with classic "you" peices, it works!

    For one of my birthdays many years ago (maybe turning 10 or 11?) my grandma got me these metallic box hair ties. I secretly liked them but my mom thought they were ridiculous so I never wore them. Luckily, I grew to love quirky things and bows are in style and though I don't wear them in my hair, they make the most adorable bracelets!

  17. HAHA OMG. I love it! That vest is something I would NEVER wear, but you totally rock it. If I were your grandma I'd be so proud...

  18. I think it must be the plaid and the colored tights that make it work, because on its own I would never have thought I'd love it, either! Nice style skills, woman :)

  19. haha that little story is so cute! My grandma has certainly done things like this in the past!
    And i think in the post below you said you wanted to be strawberry blonde... YAY! DO IT! im strawberry blonde (naturally) and I love it! I think the colour suits everyone ! I guess maintenance could be a problem and whatnot, but Id love to see it on some more people around the blogosphere! xx

  20. I am loving that snake ring! I want one! so cute

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