Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Wears The Pants?


Hello there! Boy howdy, do I feel elderly. It's only 7:30 and I'm all ready for a cup of tea, a book, and some sleep! I have to be at school until 9 tomorrow. This should be interesting! Any bets on whether or not I'll fall asleep during class? Anyway, school has been running me down, man. I feel like all of my posts lately begin with this sentiment. I've had a lot more reading to do than last semester, so I guess that's why? In other news, I applied for a job! Well, it was an online application and all, but still! Small achievements! Lately, it's been becoming more and more clear to me that my family could use some extra money, and that I would like to be more independent when it comes to finances, so here's hoping!

Today's outfit felt very...appropriate? That's probably not the word I was looking for. So forget that, and let's start over! I liked how this outfit came together, is what I'm trying to say. I knew I wanted to wear these corduroy skinny pants of mine, because I can not get enough of corduroy lately. I've been wearing my red corduroy skirt all over the place, and these jeans are (unfortunately) the only other corduroy in my wardrobe. (Note to self - stock up on corduroy for next winter when all the winter clothes go on sale. Is that happening already? Oh, I'm so behind!) So, then this plaid shirt felt right, but I wanted a cardigan because it was chilly out, and this one felt right as well. And then the boots happened, and BAM - outfit!

Plaid shirt: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: H&M
Corduroys: Espirit (They're navy, though they look black in the photos)
Boots: Target




Until tomorrow,


  1. Yeah, I love this outfit. I love corduroy (all mine is in storage somewhere at my parents' unfortunately, love flannel, love plaid. This makes me wish I had more pairs of pants!

    Good luck surviving your epic day tomorrow!

  2. I don't know how your indoor photos come out so well, I'm jealous. I love cords but I get too hot in them. I'm like a woman going through menopause.
    My Heart Blogged

  3. Good luck with the application, and I hope school starts picking up...the same old routine can get pretty rough, but hopefully things will fall into place. :)

    Your outfit looks so cute! I really like how you've styled the plaid; it still looks cozy, but chic at the same time!

  4. Love that little flower pin in your hair :) I think it completes the outfit! Isn't it always interesting to see how an outfit turns out just by styling around one piece? Love this simple outfit of yours!

  5. This is the perfect look for a cold day. You look too cute as usual!


  6. I love your boots, and the plaid shirt :) Good luck with school, it can be such a drain at times! And hope you get the job too, xx

  7. Fingers crossed for your job application.
    Lovely outfit, it looks very comfortable.

  8. "...appropriate?" made me giggle :)

    And I'm kind of addicted to corduroy too lately. I HAVE to try it with plaid now after seeing this outfit!

  9. Most of my outfits come together this same way...

    And I also have been gravitating toward corduroy this winter. Currently wearing a corduroy jacket.

  10. Cute boots girl! New reader here, come meet me!

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  11. I love how comfy yet stylish you look, those boots are a wonderful touch. Isn't it wonderful when something just "comes together?"
    Thanks for your comment on that post about what happened. The lying part was really difficult to swallow because it was just so...ugh awful. Its just not cool to lie about something so serious. It detracts from people caring when it actually happens.

  12. ..PANTS?! What an absurd thing..! I kid, I kid. You look perfectly cute in them. ;) I love how very comfy and cute you look-- your boots are so perfectly lovely.

  13. hehe you're so cute. I love corduroy. Those pants are snazzy. Good luck with your job app & your intense school work load!

  14. Ooh, I've been wanting corduroy pants/skirts this fall, but haven't gotten any :( oh well. I like your boots!


  15. i looove corduroy pants. and the plaid + corduroy are the perfect winter combination! i hope you got to go to sleep early, that's one of my favorite things to do! :)

    oh and i hope your job applying/interviewing process goes wonderfully! i need to be doing the same thing!

  16. You look so cute, I really love your shirt!
    Would you like to be followers? <3

  17. You look great in trousers as you do in skirts or dresses Nicole! I am obsessed with corduroy too, and I wanted a pair of corduroy trousers but I didn't get them. I do have a cord red skirt like you haha!
    I really wish you the best luck on getting the job, crossing my fingers!

  18. Nicole you look cute! I am loving the cords. They go pretty well with those boots!

  19. hope things look up from this frustrating point in school. school can really drag me down too.

    this outift is perfect. i simple adore it, tucked in shirt, belt. love


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