Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Start Wearing Purple

So, I don't have many pictures today because I wasn't even going to take pictures today. I wasn't feeling so well, and was really tired from school and such. So, I took these photos after resting a while, mainly because of why I wore what I did today. Today, at my school as well as various other places around the country, was a day of remembrance and mourning for thirteen boys who took their lives over the past three months due to bullying and homophobia. We were asked to wear purple in remembrance. It was really touching. While not as many people as I thought wore purple, whenever I would see someone wearing the color, or they saw me, we shared a slight smile out of the knowledge of why we were wearing what we were wearing. I know that the color of my dress is not going to change people, but I think it's important to acknowledge, in every way possible, something that you care about deeply. As someone who loves words, I know how powerful they are. While they can be used for beautiful purposes, like poetry, so many people use them to hurt and sting. It baffles me that people can think they are better than others based on something like sexuality, or anything else really. The fact that these boys were pushed and hurt so much that they felt that life was no longer worth living hurts so much. The fact that people can make other people feel so bad that they want to end their lives hurts so much. So, I wore purple today to show what I believe in and to mourn the unnecessary loss of thirteen beautiful lives, ended too soon due to an epidemic of ignorance and lack of acceptance. I hope people start to listen.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden, Belt: Thrift

Until tomorrow,


  1. Great post title!! ;) Bullying of any sort for any reason bothers me, and so I posted a purple outfit on my blog for the same reason today. I wasn't really out and about much today, so I didn't see any purple on other people, but a good portion of my facebook friends appear to have worn purple too! :)

  2. Ugh! Gay rights (or well lack of it right now) is something that gets my blood boiling and I never really get too involved with anything political! I also get so upset when I see the kids in my classroom (5-7 years old) bullying each other. I mean where in the world did they learn this stuff?! It's so incredibly disheartening! I do hope they grow out of it though. I actually hate the color purple, but this cause makes me hate it a little bit less :)

  3. Well done for supporting such a great cause. It wasn't really publicised over here but I think it's definitely worth acknowledging such an important issue. You look great as well, your hair looks lovely pulled back.

  4. you look beautiful.
    thanks for wearing purple.
    i didnt know to wear it...but well done for standing up to such an important issue.

    i wish humans would love each other more and not judge each other.
    it is so sad. 13 boys in 3 unbelievably horrible.



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