Monday, October 4, 2010

I Don't Care If Monday's Blue

Hello there! Today's outfit is honestly really simple and warm and semi-cozy. It's rainy and cold out, and has been all day. And since I only had to go out to a doctor's appointment, I figured this was appropriate, as well as snuggly.

Sweater: Thrifted, Jeans: Levi's, Oxfords: Steve Madden, Scarf and Trench: H&M

I really spent the whole weekend doing work. Zak came over and we played some video games and got our cuddle on, but even while he was over we did work part of the time. I've been feeling overwhelmed, to put it simply. School's picked up, a lot. I spent so much of my weekend doing work, and I still have things to do for the week. Even know, I'm kind of having to force myself not to pick up my copy of Aristotle's Poetics, which is difficult with an extremely annoying voice in the back of my mind screaming, "Shouldn't you be WORKING?".

But I really need this time to just write what I want to write and get out what I want to get out. My philosophy class makes me feel inferior. I wrote a paper that I'm sure my professor will scoff haughtily at and proceed to hurl my paper out his office window. My paper will be intercepted by a large bird, hawk maybe, shredded and fed to little hawk babies, who will proceed to spit it out because they, like my philosophy professor, think my thoughts are base. My poetry class intimidates me. There are so many great writers in my class who are so certain that they want to write. I haven't written any poetry this year that hasn't been for this class. For some reasons my emotions, and there are TONS of them at the moment, are not translating to paper, or maybe I'm not trying hard enough to do so. I had to write a one line poem this week. I wrote one, it doesn't feel genuine, even though it is what I'm experiencing. Maybe I should try to turn it into a whole poem on my own time, which I don't have. If you were wondering, it's about feeling overwhelmed. SURPRISE.

I'm also upset that I haven't had as much time to read all of your wonderful blogs. Being able to get in contact with the blogging community was one of the maine reasons that I started this blog, and I feel like I'm barely keeping up with all of you. I am very sorry, and I commend those of you who, though you're even busier than I, take time to read my whiney posts. It means so much to me. I'm going to try harder to read your blogs to. Perhaps things will cool down a bit with work soon.

Thanks for reading, guys <3



  1. i love those oxfords. this is such a great casual outfit; i wear outfits similar to this when i want to look put together, but not put in the effort!

  2. i want your shoes lol , ( sounding like a mad girl )

    i bought a pair of brogues from Cotton On the other day but still hunting for a pair of nice affordable Oxfords

    nah its oh kay , u don't have to apologize because recently i find myself lacking out too , i hardly have enough time to check everyone's comment and the list of blogs to check out is getting longer

    Sometimes i wish i have 8 hands lol to do everything

    Keep on writing , can't wait to check out each and every outfits u share with because its always a wonderful read for my outfit fix

  3. Awww...

    I understand where all the self-doubt is coming from. I'm feeling inferior in ALL my classes lately and it's so hard. As far as writing goes, if I were you, I would close my eyes, think of nothing else, and just say what's there. Keep it as simple as possible. I think those simple thoughts that are said as they come are the most profound- plus, you can always change words around and play with an idea if it's there. You know?

    Anyways! I have this jacket! isn't that exciting?? hahaha :)

  4. You look absolutely beautiful-- but that's no surprise of course. I've been feeling very similar in my classes as well-- since when did struggling become the norm!?

    I would love to read anything you write, dear. Honestly.

    On a sidenote, I'm having a love affair with your oxfords. I've been trying to find a pair of tan ones for ages, but they're so gosh-darn-expensive!

  5. love your shoes...i stared at them for a while at how beautiful they are :) i love how simple your outfit is--that little trench is so versatile! don't get too overwhelmed! be confident in what you write! you're there to learn anyway so you have more to gain than they do! take some time to relax because that's just as important as working.

  6. i love your oxfords! and i definitely know how you feel about being overwhelmed with school. i'm almost halfway through my semester and it's just progressively getting more difficult. let's hang in there together!

  7. Aww hang in there! I'm sure your workload will lighten soon! You should relax and go out and have some fun too, but get your work done as well! Cute shoes by the way :)

  8. i love your oxfords!

    it would be wonderful if you could incorporate some of your poetry into your blog... i'm sure we'd all love to read it! and we're probably a less intimidating/more overtly supportive group than your class :)

  9. Hey don't worry about us, take as much time for yourself as you need and we'll still be here when you have time to hang out with us on the blogosphere :) And this outfit is anything but basic with all those fantastic pieces, btw!

  10. I feel the same way right now about blogging, i've been horrible at commenting and generally reading anything. When I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer screen after an exhausting day! Also, don't feel intimidated in your class, because even though it may not seem it, some of your classmates are probably equally intimidated as well. I was a lit major for about 5 seconds, and some of the classes I took made me so nervous about my writing, it was ridiculous! Hope you are feeling better now :)


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