Friday, October 15, 2010

Ruby Red

So, I do own red lipstick, but I hardly ever (never) wear it. I tend to think it makes me look a a whore. I've seen it look so wonderful on so many girls but for some reason, whenever I push myself to put it on, I almost immediately wipe it all off. Today, though, I donned my little red shoes and decided to screw my whore-ish self perceptions and put on the lipstick. Was I a little uncomfortable? Yes. Did I still think that anyone who saw me would think I look like a crazy person? Yes, but I've gotten used to that one. I think it ended up alright, looking at the pictures. The rest of my outfit was so simple, since I'm not doing much today, that I figured why not put on the lipstick?

Jeans, bag: Urban Outfitters, Top: Forever 21, Shoes: Restricted

I don't like to talk about my weight loss all that much since I really rarely notice a change since I've lost thirty pounds. I know that I'm down about two sizes and that everything fits better, which is clear evidence that my body's gotten smaller, but I hardly ever see a real difference. Today was one of the rare instances I did. These jeans are too big on my waist, I used to be unable to button them. That's not where I saw the difference though. I really just saw it in my hips. I never noticed it before, but I lost a lot of hip since I started dieting. My hips seem so slim to me now, instead of sticking out on both sides. I've always liked my hips though, so it's a little weird to realize they've shrunk. I know I certainly still have hips, but it was just such a strange thing to actually see a difference in my body.

Anyway, I hope you all have the best weekends! I'm hoping to do some thrifting for my halloween costume (and maybe a little for my wardrobe too!) and finally go get a pumpkin to carve!



  1. Hmm for some reason I can't see these photos. I'll check back later!

  2. Super cute!! I always feel strange about how I look with red lipstick too, but its really great on other people, and I think it looks great on you! Of course, I'm always a fan of trying new things and understanding why things make me uncomfortable! And I wanted to say thank you for the comment you left on my blog! I've been following and enjoying your blog for a while, but I'm always nervous about commenting on other people's blogs! I hope you have a great weekend, and good luck with the costume thrifting!! :)

  3. You look like Snow White with this lipstick, dear. (:

    You are gorgeous! Good luck thrifting-- I'm probably going later this evening! I need to get my Fran Fine costume together.

  4. i love this outfit and you know i love those shoes!! that red is amazing.
    i never wear lipstick i always feel like a fool when it comes to makeup.
    have a great weekend love.

  5. so so cute! i love ur red shoes! :)

  6. I think you look great in red lipstick! I never wear lipstick, as I kind of feel the same way whenever I have it on. I have this darker mauve-ish shade my aunt gave me that I've always wanted to wear out but I think I look so silly whenever I have it on! Maybe soon enough I'll be brave enough to wear it outside the house, haha.

  7. The lipstick looks great on you! I'm always apprehensive to experiment with lipstick in public cause i'm so pale, lipstick can really draw attention but trust me, you look gorgeous. I like your outfit too, simple but feminine and the red shoes are lovely. Well done with your weightloss, I need to get on with my own weightloss plan cause I've abandoned it since moving to university again.

  8. Whoa, super chic!! Black & white with a touch of red is one my all-time favorite color combos to wear. You look fantastic, way to move out of your comfort zone a bit with those lips :)

  9. I think you've pulled off the lipstick wonderfully! I never wear lipstick because I can't seem to find a shade I like enough. I wish I could pull off red (in both lipstick and clotheswear) but I have too much of a red tone to my skin haha. Anywho, this outfit is so cute on you :)


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