Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How Fickle My Heart

Hello! I've been on "fall break" since Friday, and have certainly been taking it easy. For the past two days I've been working, cleaning, and just relaxing and catching up on must needed break. I only have two days of class this week, but I'm still already looking forward to the next weekend. I'm so bad! Though, in my defense, this weekend is Zak's birthday, so that should make for an especially fun weekend.

Top: Delia's, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Hue, Belt: Target, Boots: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Swap with Amber Rose!

I've been feeling a bit glum lately. I just get into these slumps where I feel quite alone, and wish I was more of a social butterfly, or even just more likable. I've accepted that I'm not like the average person my age. I don't drink or party, I'm not super outgoing, and large groups of people intimidate me. But sometimes I think it would be better to be more..normal? Friends tend to easily forget my friendship easily, and I'm just stuck wondering why I'm not as valuable to them as others. Oh, I'm sorry for my glum tangent.

I hope you're all doing well and having good weeks, but I should be off for now doing work and such.

Until tomorrow,


  1. You can make friends in here on the net, but I know it's not really the same :(
    I hope it all turns out well, though!
    And you rocked the outfit ;)

    Jungle World Citizen

  2. I know what you mean about getting in slumps. They are quite the worst. At least you have a best friend in Zach who cares about you! That's a blessing to have. I don't drink or party either and it can sometimes be annoying when that's all people want to do. I'd rather hang out and just enjoy building friendships.

    And you also happen to rock those yellow tights so well : )

  3. SO CUTE. I love the bright tights and floral top.

    "I don't drink or party, I'm not super outgoing, and large groups of people intimidate me." I am the same way and I totally understand. Lots of the time when I'm with people sometimes I just "feel like I'm there", you know? I hope you get out of your glum state. :) <3

  4. you look beautiful as always.
    i love the tights.

    i am with you girly..i am not a people person. i have a tough time making friends. i would rather be at home than anywhere else. hope you feel better though. :)

  5. YOU LOOK ADORABLE! I love the combo of those mustard tights and that shirt and those boots are rockin :)
    Dw about the glum tangent - I feel the same every other day.
    Have fun this weekend! xxx

  6. Booo, normal people are boring. ;) What's NOT boring are those tights. And your smile. And everything else about that awesome outfit!!

  7. that is such a pretty top. i've had mustard yellow tights for a year now, and i struggle to style them. this is a cute way to do it!

    i think we all get in slumps too. i do drink socially and like to go out, but i have a hard time in large groups or when the number of people i don't know out weight the number of people i don't know. i try each time i'm out to make more of an effort to be non shy... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! but know you're not alone in that situation :)

  8. Super cute outfit!! I LOVE the color of those tights!! And slumps are definitely no fun. My wife and I don't drink or party either, and I guess its obvious that I'm not really normal. Most of our friends are not near us either, and we don't have a lot of opportunities to get out and make friends. I hope your week gets better! Its a short week right? Those are always great! :)

  9. i LOVE your mustard yellow tights! i need a pair! your floral top is so cute too!

  10. At least you look super cute? Oops, terrible encouragement but seriously, I'm sure you have more friends than you think :) Cheer up!


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