Thursday, October 21, 2010

In The Navy

Hello there! So, I'm quite proud of this post's title. In one sense, I'm wearing a whole lot of navy today. In another sense, I'm wearing nautical stripes. Hooray for double meaning! I'm probably too proud of myself for coming up with that. Anyway, Thursdays are quickly becoming "comfy Thursdays." Thursdays are my longest day at school as well as the last day of my school week, so while I do enjoy looking put together, I'm also quite concerned with being cozy and warm during my four hour break in the library. I think today's outfit was a nice medium of comfy and not completely slovenly.

Top, Sweater, Trench: H&M, Pants: ESpirit, Moccasins: Minnetonka, Belt: Delia's, Necklace: Swap with Amber Rose

I was looking at yesterdays photos again and I realize I didn't really like my outfit. It's just that dress. I bought it and thought it was really cute, when in actuality I was probably just overjoyed that it fit. When I first starting losing weight, it was hard to differentiate between whether I was buying things because I really liked them and they represented me or if I was just buying them because they fit and wouldn't have before. This dress is one of those things. I feel bad that I don't like it on my body, so I keep trying to find ways to wear it, but all it really does is make me feel self conscious about various parts of my body. Do any of you have clothing like that? Where you bought it for a silly reason, felt guilty, and thus try to wear it despite not really liking it? I know that's really specific, but I figure maybe some of you have been in that situation.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Great title! :) I thought the dress yesterday was really cute! It might be more fun with tights and tall boots though? This is also really cute! I love the navy/yellow color combo, and that's a fun necklace! Ugh, I totally understand buying things because they fit! I have had similar problems I think. I have totally tried to convince myself something was great just because I was so overjoyed it fit, and I have definitely overspent or paid full price because something that wasn't perfect was in my size! And I have bought things and tried to pretend they fit too (they didn't!)! Sizing can be so frustrating! Both outfits are cute though! Sorry for the long comment! I hope you're having a good day! :)

  2. Thursdays are my longest days also :) although i have a 5 hour break instead of 4, but I have the pressure of dressing comfy and pretty at the same time because I spend my whole day at college, but I get to see the guy I like in my last class. Anyways, I just wanted to say YOU LOOK GREAT IN THAT PURPLE DRESS! don't worry about it, that color is great and it looks good on you. In regards of buying clothes just for the excitement of it and then regretting it: been there! i'm too short and everything is made for tall people, oh well, one day i'll have my own store and it'll be all petites :)

  3. Ditto you and Stragoz on Thursdays - they are the longest but they make Friday that much more awesome. Speaking of awesome, I particularly like your use of the word "slovenly" (I don't know why we don't say it more often) and your color combo today. Inspired!

  4. i'm really liking the yellow and the navy together. i've been seeing it a lot lately. such a great color combo. and yes, i buy things sometimes on a whim decision (usually because it's on sale for $5 and it fits, so why not?), and then realize it doesn't really work well for me or my body type. i should probably stop doing that, but the dress you wore yesterday looked lovely on you!

  5. Cute title. I am a huge fan of these colors together and these pieces work great with one another. Gorgeous necklace as well. I do the same thing with clothes - I buy things I love on hanger but end of looking dreadful on me. It's hard b/c I am only 5'2 and extremely curvy so unfortunately this happens more often than I would like. Don't feel bad though - I think that dress looks gorgeous on you. We are our own worst critic sometimes. Have a lovely weekend:-)

  6. slovenly = my new favorite word.
    titles for posts is the hardest thing about blogging to me!
    also, great pick on mumford & sons. they definitely in my top five, if not three, favorite bands!

  7. I love the stripes and your necklace is great.

    Always Summer

  8. Nice necklace gorgeous. ;)

    It was refreshing to read this post-- you're not alone!

  9. I love all the colors in this outfit and that it looks very classic American!


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