Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Hands


We got our first real winter snowfall of the season on Saturday! I say "winter snowfall" because we got a pretty bad snowstorm in October, which was weird and disorienting more than it was fun. Saturday's snow was quite welcome though, at least by me. I like snow the most when it's just in flurries, blowing in the wind rather than collecting on the ground, but I'm cool with a decent covering of snow as well. We also went to a family party on Saturday, and this is what I wore.I honestly never know what to wear to family parties, since my "casual" is more dressy than my family's "dressy." My first inclination is generally to wear a party dress, which I started with. The combination all of my family members wearing jeans, plus my own not really wanting to look too "froo-froo" led me to put something a bit more casual together, with my old pal, the denim vest.

PS- Upon reviewing these pictures, I realized that snow has this weird effect on me, in which it causes me to not know what the hell to do with my hands. Enjoy.

Shirt: H&M, Skirt, Vest: Goodwill, Shoes: Ruche, Bag: JCPenney, Scarf: Taylor House





Until tomorrow,


  1. super cute outfit, love that skirt and very jealous of the snow!


  2. um that skirt and the color of that scarf. win win win. i'm usually overdressed for my family things too.

  3. This is such a cute outfit :) I think you styled this look so well with the denim vest and the snood.

  4. you are ADORABLE. sorry... i just thought i should tell you...! these photos are so lovely with the snow and your cute scarf. i never know what to wear when people say "semi formal" as i'm always dressing semi formal i guess...haha...!

  5. Psh, your hands look just fine! haha. But I agree.. it is hard to figure out where to put your hands in pictures someties. Whatevz. YOU LOOK FAB. Work that denim vest. I do like it against your skirt and cozy oatmeal scarf. I hope you were able to spend your snow day to the fullest-- and that includes hot cocoa!

  6. your scarf looks so cozy, and i love the print on that skirt! and i agree with ali, your hands look fine :)

  7. There's that beautiful skirt again...every time you wear it I swoon...hehe:) Snow has a weird effect on my face, like it always freezes into this strange teethy smile, so I know what you mean...but nonetheless your photos are pretty as always! Love the scarf and vest too!

  8. Aww, very cute as always Nicole! This is a perfect example of a comfortable but stylish outfit and I think it's perfect for a casual family party! Hope you had fun! And by the way I'm so envious of the snow!
    Life is a romantic poem

  9. M'dear, our locations must be close because the weather patterns are exactly the same! Haha.
    Also love this outfit! That skirt is perrfect with the navy and the cosy cowl. You look great!

  10. Adorable! That scarf looks so warm and comfy.

    I love snow so much. It makes everything look so soft and magical.

  11. you look so cozy in that beautiful scarf! :)
    i am so glad it has not snowed a whole lot in WV yet.. i can not handle the snow sometimes. :P
    snow is beautiful BUT i hate driving in it.
    have a wonderful week, Nicole.

  12. I'm always overdressed for family parties! And I love this skirt of yours...I've probably commented on it before...and the fluffy scarf!


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