Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grandma's Closet

jan 19 4
This outfit made me think of something I could put together if I was given 20 minutes to put together a look made entirely of garments from my grandma's closet. Or someone else's grandma's closet. The whole thing feels a little bit...old? But not in a way I dislike at all. I think it's the combination of the faux-fur collar and the shape of the coat I'm wearing. And that the brooch I attached is actually my grandma's. It's funny, whenever we go shopping together I'll pick something up and my grandma will say in her sassy Bronx accent, "Aww don't buy that, I got the same thing in my closet from fifty yea's ago. FIFTY YEA'S!" What can I say, my grandma's got good taste. Or I've just got old lady taste. Both are possible/probable.

Oh, and please excuse the fact that my nose is the same color as my coat (or don't, if you think it adds to the outfit or something). It was a bit too cold to be out and about, posing in front of someone else's house without a coat on, but you know me - always living and the edge (of catching a cold).

Dress, Collar: Asos, Shoes: Ruche, Brooch: Grandma's, Coat: Tag sale

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  1. what a pretty dress, nicole! and i love this getup. your impersonation of your grandma is funny too. i don't live near by grandparents so i don't really ever see them. :(

    happy thursday!

  2. it's not old, it's mature...? lol and yet very cute. maybe it's what your/a grandma wore when she was your age, and it wasn't old then. either way, you look absolutely darling. also, your neck looks warm :)

  3. your grandma sounds amazing. and you look lovely in your grandma garb.

  4. I love grandma style! some of my favorite pieces I inherited from my grandma.

  5. Adorable, love the dress & that little collar is absolutely the sweetest!! Such a pretty look! Yay, I love a touch of Grandma style. ;) V

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous outfit!
    LOVE those shoes!

  7. Oh I love the booties! So cute :) You and your grandmother are so cute! I wanna go shopping with mine, hehe. (this is sara (sideburns & bangs) I don't know how to make disqus work).

  8. Lovely outfit! :) And that bag is so nice, where is it from?

  9. Looks like I have old lady tastes too, because I think this outfit is too cute :) I love the brooch (and the fact that it was your grandma's) and the dress and the collar are just perfect together!
    Life is a romantic poem

  10. Oh my, I really just love and want everything you wear! I don't think this outfit could be anymore perfect and lovely and I could definitely see my grandma rocking something like this back in her day. I'm definitely attracted to grandma-like things as well:)


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