Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dark Haired Earth Shaker

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I'm currently reading The Odyssey for one of my literature classes this semester, and one of my favorite things about reading that epic, as well as the Iliad, are the fantastic epithets, or repeated creative phrases, scattered throughout. I love that daybreak is called "dawn, with her rosy fingers," and that Athena is referred to as "grey-eyed Athene" and that Penelope is almost always "circumspect Penelope." I could go on and on, 'cause there are a TON (yep, 2000 pounds of epithets. I checked). One of my new favorites that I hadn't noticed in the past is Neptune being referred to as the "dark haired earth shaker." I just think it's such a fantastic idea. I'd love to be a dark haired earth shaker, since I have dark hair and all. I guess I'm halfway there! Anyway, something about this outfit makes me think of The Odyssey. Maybe it's that my tights are blue, like the sea Odysseus is frequently traversing. Or maybe it's that the loose drapeyness of the dress I'm wearing reminds me of a gown Athena or Kalypso might drape over themselves.

Speaking of reading, one of my good friends Charlotte took these photos on campus for me today. One of the things I love most about my college is the awesome campus, full of lovely little nooks and old buildings.

Dress: Goodwill, Tights: Hue, Boots: Vintage

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  1. What a cute place on campus! My campus is much more modern so we don't have old stone buildings and such.
    Also LOVE this outfit! That dress is amazing as are those boots! I love the simplicity yet the uniqueness of this outfit!

  2. Stripey dress + blue tights = love. And, in Spanish, we've been talking a lot about epithets, too, strangely enough. (Well, epĂ­tetos, but still.) If you want to be an earth shaker of the dark haired persuasion, I support you!

  3. What lovely blue tights you have! They are definitely the seafaring type. ;) Odysseus would be proud. You always have the neatest little locations for your photos, and you're making me want to explore to find more fun picture-taking places.

  4. beautiful dress, love the bright tights too

  5. You look like a dark-haired earth shaker to me. : )

  6. Loved reading this post! Thanks for the literary insight. This is your campus?! Incredible. I feel like you're in the shire.

  7. This dress is so cute, and I really love the blue tights. Also, I honestly don't think I'd ever heard the term epithet, (I was a computer major) so I learned something cool today too.

  8. I couldn't make it through the Odyssey when we were reading it in 10th grade. But that way you talk about it makes me want to try it again some day...! The descriptions really are beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, you look lovely! Great dress from Goodwill. :) xx

  9. Well, I can't say I've ever read The Odyssey, but I did learn about it on an episode of Wishbone! I can definitely see the resemblance of this dress being very Grecian with the pale color and all.
    And how cool is this location?! You do have a very beautiful campus!

  10. you're making me wish i paid more attention when i read that in high school. i didn't HATE it. but just because the odyssey is IMPORTANT doesn't mean i should be reading it at 17. or 16. however old i was.

  11. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalFebruary 1, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    I've always loved reading about Greek mythology! Love this dress Nicole. So much! I might want to borrow it one day... ;) This is a really wonderful photo location too!

  12. Aww, cute photos, and I love this look! The dress looks so easy and versatile...nice Goodwill find!

  13. Def an earth shaker, you look fantastic! Love the color of those tights, so fun and original and those boots and dress are great. Your campus looks awesome too! I can't remember if I read both of those books or we were assigned just snippets, but that wouldn't make sense, so clearly I had too much other reading to enjoy this like you have- which I'm glad to hear : )


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