Monday, January 2, 2012

I Sing, I Swim

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So, this is what I wore for delicious New Year's brunch yesterday with my family! It was quite a nice afternoon, that prompted me to start thinking about what I want in this brand new year. One of the most important things I learned last year is that I don't need an excuse to make a change, I just need a reason and a desire for change. So, I'm not really making resolutions this year, but this time of the year just makes me wonder about what direction I want my life to head in, and how I can make it go there. Honestly, what I really want this year is to continue the progress I've made so far, and to keep on recognizing my self worth. Sure, I'd like to learn new things, see new places, take more risks, but what I really want, at the root of it all, is just to keep growing, becoming happier and stronger with who I am.

Dress: JCPenney, Blouse: Cotton On, Tights: Uniqlo, Boots: Famous Footwear

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  1. i have some vintage lace that i was totally thinking about making a top just like that for. and i agree about the resolution thing. i made a list, but i'm always making lists and changing things and i'm really just continuing what i'm doing from last year.

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of this outfit, I must say. The lacy blouse over the dress is soo cute. :) And I just posted with a similar motive for the new year - progress! I'm going to make a list of resolutions too, but I think what you said is really what everyone should concentrate on anyway.

    Happy new year! xx

  3. What a wonderful resolution, to not wait for excuses to make a change. I think that's something I can relate to!
    The color of your tights is lovely, by the way, and I want to wish you a happy new year!

  4. Ummm can you send me that lace top immediately? It is stunning!

  5. I think you look lovely! You always look your best :D

    Marja <3

  6. Another favorite outfit of yours Nicole. The lace top, the floral dress, the wine colored tights...eek, I love them all! Sounds like a fantastic New Years with your was very much so the same:)

  7. Oh man! You look SO gorgeous, Nicole! I haven't commented on your blog in WAY too long, but I always read and look at your lovely posts! I love that lace top over your dress. It's amazing! I also feel the need to tell you that I am so in love with your hair. If I had short hair, I would want to look just like you! <3

  8. Now that I read your response, I agree. Those "New Year Resolutions" will slowly become fulfilled naturally as we live throughout the year, growing, maturing, etc. So in that case, making a list of things to accomplish isn't really necessary.

    But still, I like to have some rough guidelines to get an idea of things I'd like to accomplish that I've been thinking of for a while. Most of them are specific, not long-term goals like becoming happier or developing a better personality.

  9. I adore everything about this outfit. I want that lacy top and the colors are just spot on. Girl, mail me this outfit! In other news, I like the idea that you're skipping resolutions in favor of just coming more into yourself and seeing what you are capable of. You already write differently than the girl I came across months ago and you certainly ooze a much happier vibe than way back when. (:

  10. This top is gorgeous. I did the same sort of thing this year they weren't so much 'resolutions' as they are promises to myself to do more of the things that I love. :)

  11. you look adorable here

  12. This is a random considering it's not about your clothes or written text but - your hair looks amazing in these pictures! It's got a great texture and volume to it.

    Ok, now onto everything else. You've got an excellent goal (or perhaps it's more a lifestyle change?) that you're aiming for. Keep at it!
    And this lace over your floral dress is to die for. What a unique and awesome combination!

  13. Que linda!Super delicado seu look! :D
    Feliz 2012!!!

  14. Esquecí de postar meu blog:
    xoxo :D


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