Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She Was A Day Tripper


So, I've already used this Beatles song as one of my post titles, but it was the first semi-appropriate song that popped into my head, since as I was walking up the stairs just now I tripped like an idiot. So, I am indeed a day tripper in some sense. Anyway, the weather lately has been super rainy and un-springlike. Today started out gray and rainy but turned into a bright, lovely day. Usually I hate when the weather's this fickle because I often choose my outfits based on the weather. Today's outfit worked out though because even though it was rain-city when I left my house, I wore some bright spring-y colors. I really had my heart set on wearing shorts today since it was supposed to be super warm and sunny, but alas, the weatherman betrayed me yet again. Maybe next week!

Top: Delia's
Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: Gift
Shoes: Mom's




Until tomorrow,


  1. HAhahaha okay I kind of guffawed at the screen when you said you picked the post title after tripping, but only b/c I SO IDENTIFIED. I'm the clumsiest, trust me. That top is so retro awesome - I've got to try the crop lengths!

  2. tripping sounds very similar to me. I have no natural coordination! the title is very fitting. adore your crop shirt with the skirt. such cheerful mixing of colours!

  3. I love the color of your skirt. So bright and cheerful! If the season's not going to bring spring/good weather, you might as well bring spring with you! (That' my motto :D)

  4. SO CUTE! I looove this skirt. I really want more classic solid skirts like that. The color is great. xo

  5. It's a good song so it totally deserves to be used at least twice. I love this floral top on you.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. yay love these spring colors. That top is so pretty and vintage ish looking. I thrifted a top very similar but I'm trying to save it for a happy sunny day.... which will probably never come. =(

  7. That is such a pretty top. It has a fun vintage feel to it!

  8. your comment on my polyvore sets is the best. you have amazing taste so that means a lot!
    also, i want to wear all of YOUR outfits.

  9. i love your blouse!!
    and the dress from your other post is sooo cute!!!


  10. What a fantastic top! The weather has been so crazy where I live that I am never quite sure what to wear either!


  11. I really love your blog! I've lurked for awhile and finally decided to create one of my own too :) And yay for first comment on a blog ever! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. Lol--semi-appropriate song. What other songs were you thinking of? :P hehe!

    Rainy mornings turned lovely sunsets are the best kinds of days :) The weather hasn't been too great here on the other side of the country too. Phooey!

  13. loving the blue skirt !

    I follow you now and i hope you'll follow back soon.
    I'd be very happy about it.

    FashionGirl <3

  14. So you had a nice trip, eh? hehe...couldn't resist. At least you look adorable! I love the blouse with that skirt.

  15. The colours are definitely springlike and wonderful, and the light is beautiful in these photos. Happy tripping. ; )

  16. I almost wish it were still cool enough to wear tights...your outfit looks really cute with them!

  17. Cute!!


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