Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giveaway Time!

Hello! So, a few weeks ago I reached 200 followers (Hooray!) and I wanted to do a giveaway as a thank you! This giveaway has been a bit delayed mainly because I'm too picky and have been having trouble finding something perfect to send to one of you! When I was out shopping, I saw this at H&M and thought, "Man, That's PERFECT!"...



Hooray! You can win this fun floral purse! I thought it would be perfect for summer time activities like going to the beach, or picnicing, or spelunking, or cake baking, or road tripping, or dance parties (Or whatever you want, really)!

To Win:
1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'
2. Leave me a comment telling me how you follow, your email address, and what you would carry around in this bag if you win it!

The giveaway will close this Saturday night (April 30) and I should have the winner up by Sunday's post! Good luck!

Also, I figured I would include a few little photos from yesterday's outfit, to make this a complete post, so..





(Dress: Salvation Army, Belt: Delia's, Shoes: Steve Madden)

Until tomorrow,


  1. First, I have to say, you look gorgeous! I love your dress.

    Now, thanks for doing the giveaway! I follow you via Google Friend Connect. I'd carry around that lovely bag to Hyde Park here in London, with a pair of sunglasses, a nice book, some snacks and sunscreen to enjoy the lovely weather we've been having lately :)

  2. Lovely lovely lovely dress, it looks great on you:)
    and that bag is OMG
    I follow on GFC :)
    and I believe this would be my "Barney Bag"
    So I'd just throw everything in there and take it with me everywhere!

  3. I can't believe you got that dress at Salvation Army! You look absolutely darling, and you're looking so trim! <3 I follow you on google friend connect AND on bloglovin (that way you get the number in google fc and I can keep up in bloglovin). <3

  4. Helloo!! I am following you through Google Friend Connect! =) That dress is the most fabulous find ever. It looks so so adorable on youuu! I especially love the last photo. Also, I love that colorful bag. And I want to bring it to a dance party like you said haha. Because everyone knows I"m so good at dancing.... not.

    And here's my contact in case I actually win!

  5. I follow you on Google Friend Connect and my email address is
    I'd take the bag with me everywhere (school, work, shopping)! So what's inside my bag usually? Books, books and books.

  6. Yay that lovely dress again! I'm really excited for this giveaway.. that purse is so pretty! Congrats on 200! That's awesome. Aaanyway, I follow on bloglovin', and I would probably carry around way too much. Let's see, my wallet, a towel, sunscreen and a couple good books. (: Oh and a snack. or two or three. xo (michalbenik[at]gmail[dot]com)

    Oh and spelunking is now on my list of favorite words. Thank you.

  7. I follow you with google friend connect. I would carry all the new school books I will be getting in the bag! You know when i saw the bag I thought you were posting about buying it. It is sooo cute.
    My Heart Blogged

  8. Cuuuute dress! I follow with Google, and I'd wear the bag with my white lace F21 dress. :D

  9. Wow I was just looking at this bag today and admiring it! It's gorgeous and how lovely is that dress you are wearing you look gorgeous if I must say! :) I'm following you on google connect and bloglovin! :)I would use this bag fr my summer holidays in california, I think it would look very good lying next to me on the beach! ha, and then I would also use it to start college with! :) thank you for letting me enter this lovely giveaway! :)

  10. Wow, what a cute bag! I'd happily keep my makeup, monies, almonds, and extra underwear (for my 3-year-old daughter) in there.

    I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin!

  11. Aww, you've gotta have the best collection of floral things! In the last post was the shirt and here and now is this pretty dress.
    That purse is too stinkin' cute. As you said, it will be perfect for summer! Well in my bag currently I carry everything. It kind of ends up being the last place I ever see anything. Hand lotion, chapstick, receipts, coupons, etc. No doubt this large bag would be great for that use!

    Oh and one more thing, I follow you through Bloglovin'. I think that covers everything and you now know the secret contents of my purse. ;) lol

  12. What a gorgeous dress!! Isn't it amazing how thrift places sometimes carry the best clothes? But I'm horrible at thrifting because I'm so impatient.

    I follow you via Bloglovin :)

  13. I recently discovered your blog and your tumblr and I follow both! You've inspired me to mix patterns and layers in ways I would have never thought before! I'm jealous of your belt and skirt collections, haha :)

    I follow this blog on google friend connect. My email is If I had this bag I would carry my ipod full of playlists for summer, watermelon lip balm, my sketchbook and pencils, a good book from the local library, and my cell phone!

    Long live floral prints!!! :)

  14. Florals look lovely on you<3. I need to get with the program! D:

    H&M rules @__@. I'd use that bag for school(if I end up taking summer classes) or just a day-trip somewhere. <3

    I follow you using googleconnect. :>

  15. Ah that dress. It's so perfect. It looks so wonderful without tights and simple styling!

    1. I follow of course.
    2. Via google reader. I'd carry all my beach things: towel, sunscreen, sunnies, books, and other beach stuff hehe :)

    Congrats on the 200 followers Nicole. You deserve it and so so so much more! <3

  16. i love the bag! i follow via google friend connect. i would use the bag to replace my old one which got stolen last week! thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, and congrats on your blog's success! it's well deserved! xx

  17. Oooh, I want it! I'm so lacking in bags!
    I follow you on Bloglovin', and I'd like to think I'd put something in it besides my usual random bits of crap and spare tissues. I'd definitely carry it around in my bike basket all summer (when I get around to putting the damn basket on the bike), take it to the beach in Barcelona, etc. etc. : )

  18. That dress is so cute, its so lovely for a second hand one! I followed you on Google and Bloglovin, lovely! I definately need this purse/ bag. I'm in desperate need of a floral bag or purse to match my limitless floral wardrobe (check out my blog and you'll see what i mean!) AND I don't live in America, I live in Australia so I don't have a H&M. :(
    Hope I win! xoxoxo

  19. Ah! Lovely dress :) Love the cute little pleated detail in the bust area.

    Already following via google. I would tote around my camera for sure. I need a few summer bags that are big enough to carry that too... :)

  20. I've been reading your blog for a while and think you have some really cute clothes. I love all the florals you've been wearing lately. I think you would look great in a pencil definitely have the figure to make a pencil skirt look sexy. :) and with a cute peter pan collar top...i think that's very your style.

  21. What a gorgeous dress! Great find!

  22. congrats on over 200 followers! wonderful dress, you are too lovely for adequate words. I am following through google connect. If I had this bag I would place my life in it, the essentials since warm weather is around the corner, sunnies, straw hat, sunscreen, flip flops.

  23. love your dress it looks so cute on you. i'm following you via bloglovin and google connect too i think. i'd love to win the bag i'd carry any number of things in it probably some of my photography gear or dog grooming supplies when i shoot dog photos.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  24. Seriously! How cute is that dress!! I love it! I especially love the sleeves. As one with fat arms I'm always very happy when I find a sleeved dress!



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