Sunday, August 28, 2011

After the Storm


Something you may not know about me - or maybe you do, in which case I'm impressed - is that I'm big on metaphors and "signs from the universe." Even though when things go wrong I tend to panic, shut down, and push people away, my mind is always aware of and interpreting the things going on around me. Last night, I found myself peering out my window, watching hurricane Irene gently rattle everything on my block. Trees were swaying, fences were swaying, cars were swaying, and soon I was swaying (it was infectious). As I stood their, gently rocking, I couldn't help but think of the powerlessness of everything around me. Everything was subject to nature, to the winds and the rains and the bright lightening cracking the sky. I've been frustrated lately due to the powerlessness I've been feeling in my own life. One of the hardest parts of the breakup that I chose to have has been the waiting and wondering, the not knowing whether or not someone wants to be with me. I've been feeling like I don't have control of my life right now, that my future is in someone else's hands. The storm made me realize that no one is ever in full control of their own life. Whether it's nature, illness, or the people in your life, we can only control so much. We have to do what we can to better ourselves and try our best to deal with everything that trips us up. I can't control the future of my relationship right now. I have to accept that and move beyond it, making all of the positive choices I can to improve the other areas of my life. Hurricane Irene didn't turn out to be so bad. Hopefully it's a sign that I can get through this, too.

Skirt: Forever 21, Tee shirt: Borrowed, Boots: Hot Kiss, Socks: We Love Colors, Jacket: Salvation Army






Until tomorrow,


  1. I really really love this outfit of yours!
    And I'm glad Irene wasn't so bad after all.
    Good luck :)

  2. i love your face of determination in the first photo. so cute.
    and this outfit is also adorable.
    i'm glad the storm brought some peace of mind to you.

  3. Your outfit is Amazing.. the tee is awesome! And I totally get what your saying about 'Life' It's quite scary really isn't it?


  4. Glad you didn't get blown away. You need to "accidently" keep that top from whoever you borrowed it from. It's too cool!

  5. This is a great outfit. And you're right... you can't worry too much because you can't control every little detail. Things will work out how they need to for you to be happy in the long run! Glad the storm wasn't too bad. It missed Charleston completely!
    --KB l'ours et le renard

  6. Watching the storm last night was actually pretty surreal. Where you are looks pretty OK, so I'm happy you're safe. I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in a few days and didn't know what was going on. Anyway, I've read your posts and I want you to know I'm here if you wanna email or talk and we really must plan a museum day soon. I'll be on vacation during all the fashion week festivities unfortunately but sometime after that.
    I'm sorry you feel out of control of your future and life, but there are some things you can control and thats yourself. You can write and release your emotions and remain thoughtful and though you feel out of control you have people that care about you. You'll be in my thoughts and I'll send some good vibes in your direction. xo

  7. So true Nicole and very well said. Thankfully as we traveled down south we were able to dodge this storm. I'm very happy you are ok though as it has wreaked it's havoc in other places. You look beautiful here...I love the outfit, especially the shark tee. All you can really do is keep living your life and try try try not to worry (though I know this is hard). You will be a stronger person in the end. Wishing you the very best darling that you don't get yourself too down and will keep you locked in my thoughts as you are figuring things out:)

  8. These are deep thoughts and I fully agree with you. Plus, when you see some terrible things like these, you realize how little you are.
    Great outfit :)

  9. I totally know what you mean about metaphors for life :D You look adorable in your outfit!

  10. There are so many things I love about this post. Your awesome outfit (that shirt!!) and your gorgeous photos to start, but also everything you wrote & how beautifully it was written. I know that feeling of helplessness, and I'm sorry you're having to deal with all this now.. It's rough, but you have the right mindset. x

  11. That is hands down the scariest thing about relationships to me! It's a true partnership, you have to relinquish yourself to another person and just hope that their...everything matches your own. Anyway...I feel you on your metaphor. I'm glad you survived the storm a-okay and am sure the same will go for the other one in your life right now :)

  12. Nicole, I know you're going through such a tough time, but your writing and thoughts about it all seem so mature and well thought out. About the hurricane, I heard an interesting podcast last week about a neurologist that helps rehabilitate people after accidents, and he said "we are all one accident away from being a completely different person." It made me think a lot! Hope things get easier for you soon!

  13. Oh, God. I am so glad you're okay! I was seriously nervous for everyone out there! (you look amazing btw)

  14. Aww, I'm sorry sugar :( I want everything to get better for you really soon!

    I was sort of thinking the same thoughts as I watched the hurricane. There is nothing like a giant storm for you to realize how small you are in the universe.


  15. It sounds like you are on top of it all. I'm glad to hear that you are thinking of the positives:) Lovely little outfit too!

  16. I'm glad you're looking at things this way, it gives you a clearer view of what you want to expect and whats going on at the moment. You've basically voiced my exact thoughts through this entire Irene ordeal. I have a feeling youre gonna get through this and come out stronger than ever, because it takes a not so great moment to make you grow! if you ever need to talk or anything over a cup of coffee or anything don't hesitate to contact me :) We don't live in the same borough for nothing!

  17. I love your boots! I really want a pair of badass, laceup boots for fall and they give just the right amount of edge when you don't want to look over the top girly.

    Oh, and thanks for your email. I didn't go to the Jazz Festival after all...too busy...maybe next year? I hope we can meet up sometime, though!

  18. That's a great metaphor you came up with while watching the storm. It's great how moments like that can impact and inspire in the oddest of ways.
    I was also thinking, since we're on the subject of storms, how you can go through a storm in personal life and just like in nature - it will always turn out sunny on the other side!

    I'm also thinking this outfit has something to do with how tough you were doing the storm? Wearing a big bad shark and some fierce boots?! haha

  19. That shark shirt may possibly be the coolest shirt I've ever seen before. want want want.

  20. This outfit is wonderful. The denim, the mustard skirt, the boots and socks - oh, and the shark shirt!

    You have a new follower. :D


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