Tuesday, August 30, 2011



So, uh, it seems that whenever I wear this outfit, I eat a whole lot of delicious Italian food - and it's not even planned! The last time I paired this blouse and these jeans, here, I went to an Italian restaurant and ate a huge bowl of gnocchi and some nutella gelato. Today, I ended up going out to lunch and eating the most delicious prosciutto, basil and mozzerella wrap and some tiramisu. And no, there are no food pictures, because I eat like a starving pig. So, what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm going to become a terrible blogger and wear only this outfit forever so I can eat lots of delicious food. Just kidding. Or am I?

Blouse: H&M, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Hot Kiss? from Famous Footwear





Also, I painted this little owl last week at a paint your own pottery place. His name is Lumos. (The turtle, Shelly, is my friend's)


Until tomorrow,


  1. such a nice outfit! and hey, if I were there with you I would eat everything too! I bet NY has tons of restaurants and cafes and all those places fill with food. I could talk about food all day. I love food. food food food. ok, so I really love your top :)

  2. The first word that came to my mind when I first read the post title was :maxima.
    I am a Potterhead as well.
    Your owl is co cute and awesome. And the name choice was really clever.

  3. Oh, I really love your top! I've watched the 2011 Jane Eyre film about 8 times this week, and I'm starting to covet anything that reminds me of Victorian underthings.

    But anyway, all the food you mentioned in this post sounds crazy tasty. (One of my favorite local coffee shops makes a mean tiramisu; I've been known to walk out of the store if they're out!) And I certainly have a few elastic-waisted outfits that are perfect for days when I want to eat everything in sight. ;)

  4. Own Lumos and Shelly are so darn cute. :) The detail on your hair and your hair color reminds me the fall leaves' hues. ♥ Tati

  5. oh i love your jeans, i have been super into pants lately :) the top is so cute and your lunch sounds delicious!!

  6. i really want to go to a pottery place and paint my own stuff! ALSO, i'm jealous of your foods. you should start taking photos of them! so i can be even more jealous! i love your flower clip and those boots are to die for.

  7. Really nice and sweet casual outfit you have here. :D I love the white blouse but would probably spill my Italian food all down the front. haha.

  8. so gorgeous! love your vest...



  9. I love that cute summery blouse! The hem is so pretty. The owl you painted is adorable as well...I really like his eyebrows!

    The Italian food sounds delicious...I think I'll have to cook some pasta tomorrow. I always have olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, some kind of cheese and some kind of pasta in the apartment so I can make a quick pasta dish. I'm no chef, but I kind of start to panic if I don't at least have those things available.

  10. You look great :) this is such a versatile outfit! And the fact that every time you wear something like this you end eating delicious food makes it greater ^^


  11. Hmm cute outfit AND delicious italian food everytime you wear it? I forsee your shirt going missing ;) haha.

    And yes! lets get coffee or lunch before I leave! shoot me and e-mail and let me know when you are free :) (I believe my email is in my profile page).

  12. When did you get boots? They're cool, and the perfect height. I have a pair that are slightly too tall and they fatten my calves :S But they give pretty girly outfits that edge for when I feel a little too much like a sugar puff and don't want to ditch the frill or florals or pink! Ha the only thing I can be trusted to eat delicious or any food in is an apron! Thus I am considering sewing an apron for public wear. Hmm I wonder what Italians have for breakfast, this post has made me hungry!

  13. Beautiful top! Very delicate and perfect for summer-fall transition :)

  14. You are so brave to wear a white shirt to an Italian restaurant- I make sure to wear nothing on which the spaghetti sauce that I inevitably spill on myself will show up ;) I love your whole outfit! And your pottery- that is one of my favorite rainy day activities!


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