Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lots and Lots of Mini Golf


Zak's family is super into mini golf. For this summer's vacation, there's a spreadsheet, a schedule, and a points system. In case you were wondering, I've only come in second to last (my best score) twice in the whole number of times I've golfed with them. It's intense. So, yesterday we headed out to a golf course they had never been to before and played 36 holes. At first it was fun. The course was cute and had little gimmicks like bridges and zig zags and the like, but then we all got really frustrated by about hole 21. Too much golf! Also, this was probably the most peculiar mini-golf course I'd been to, considering it was half nautical themed (think Sammy the Seahorse) and half biblical themed, with signs that held bible quotations and messages like "Jesus is coming soon!" So yeah, interesting combination. I included a few pictures from the course of things I thought were cute.

Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, Sweater: Gap









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  1. My dear I LOVE this outfit! So cute.

  2. Ps - I was looking for your email on the blog but couldn't find it! Could you email me when you have the chance?

  3. That golf course is extremely random! I dont' think I'd be able to play. I tend to get really childish when I continuously lose and start sabotaging the game for everyone else...

    Really like this outfit though, and loving all your recent watery backgrounds!

  4. I love mini golf... especially elaborately themed parks. How do they afford all that junk decoration?! This is a really cute outfit. I wish it was cool enough to wear cardigans here.

  5. Oh, man, that mini golf course sounds hilarious. Now I want to go miniature golfing! My family used to go to this place with four courses that had different themes (storybook, western, etc.), but nothing that bizarre. You look so cute and summery with your knotted blouse!

  6. hahaha that is the funniest mini golf course ever! What a decorating scheme. :) I love mini-golf, but I'm suuuuper competitive and I bet I would probably kill someone before 36 holes were over. haha

    On another note, I adore the color of your cardigan!

  7. I love the last few photos where you're on the shore! That sounds like an interesting mini golf experience hehe. I agree with you--mini golfing get s tiring after a while. I love your hair in this outfit, which is really nicely put together!

    PS. I'll be In NYC for NYFW in about a month. Let's meet up?!?!?!?!?! I won't take no for an answer ;)

  8. i haven't mini golfed in so long! now you kind of make me want to go! you look adorable and perfectly cape cod.

  9. Sounds like fun but that is a lot of holes. Also, the half nautical/biblical theme is kind of out there. I hope you can win a round after some practice! My boyfriend and I used to try to play mini golf but we would always get distracted before the 18th hole. It was always fun though.

  10. I love mini golf, it's so fun! But I tend to be very competitive, haha
    I like this outfit so much, it's perfect for a day out! The tied blouse is lovely.

  11. Haha...minigolf, I love it! My family is the same way, but I always end of getting upset because I am so darn competitive...haha. Cute photos Nicole! Those last ones of you by the water are gorgeous:)

  12. Ahhh I miss minigolf so much! We had the cutest little place by my house but it closed. The closet mini golf range is 40 minutes away now:(


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