Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty Penny

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So, before I talk about my clothes, I just want to tell you how much I appreiciate all of the advice and love you guys sent me on my last post. This whole situation isn't easy, but it's amazing to know that so many of you are so supportive, and I thank you from the very bottom (and top, and middle) of my heart. Now, onto the clothes I suppose. These pants are one of my newest fall purchases. And, while it's still about 75 degrees, I just can't help but dress for the next season. While I wasn't sure if copper colored pants were the most practical buy, I have to say that I kind of love them, and am looking forward to pairing them with rich fall camel browns and mustards. Have you made any cool fall purchases yet?

Blouse: Delia's, Jeans: Espirit, Shoes, Purse: Urban Outfitters

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And I just had to include this jumping shot gone wrong, as it looks like I'm trying to flee the photo

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And on that note,

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  1. 75 degrees?! Get outta town! It's still mid-90s in good ol' South Carolina. I really like this outfit! I would definitely wear this to classes. I tried on some red pants and they were to bright but maybe more fall tones are the way to go!
    --KB l'ours et le renard

  2. how I wish I could have some 75 degree weather right now! That will probably come around November (no kidding). Anyway, your pants are awesome! The color is just sooooo perfect for fall and your hair looks splendid!

  3. LOVE this look! I can't wait for fall either!

  4. My computer froze last night as I tried posting a rather long response in regards to your last post..... and lost it :( But I'll try to summarize all the things I wrote.

    A. hughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughug

    B. Keep your chin up! Break ups suck the big one, but maybe with time things will end up the best for the both of you. Just give him some time to think about things and use this space to really get in tune with yourself and see what was really making you unhappy.

    C. hughug. I'm really hoping that the best turns out for you <3 I'm always here if you need a pal to talk to!!!!

    IN REFERENCE TO YOUR OUTFIT------------- pretty sure I'm in love with those copper colored pants! You look so freaking cute :)


  5. cute outfit, hun!


  6. you're so cute! i love all the colors you can pull off. if i wore mustard or copper or pale peachy colors i'd look terrible.

  7. Jumping pictures are so cute! Keep your spirit high dear!

    Virginie ♥

  8. Bless your heart. I've never had a boyfriend but I was rejected by a boy that I really liked so I could sort of relate to how you're feeling. Time heals everything, really, and it's good to have something to distract you. I tend to indulge in marathons of BBC period dramas when I'm depressed.

    Btw, are you preparing for the upcoming floods this weekend? Better to be overprepared than underprepared!

  9. Copper colored pants can be a risky buy, but I think you pull them off marvelously! And they almost match your hair. :)

  10. Gosh, I'm so sorry I couldn't comment the post before -_- I just read it...I'm so sorry for this bad situation, Nicole, I really hope everything will be fine. If you need to talk or just write down what you feel you have my e-mail address...feel free to write me.
    On a more shallow note, I love the outfit.

  11. i looove this outfit! those pants really suit you, and the color scheme makes me want to go shopping for fall clothes! :) hugs!

  12. Hey girlie! I just wanted to first of all send you a GIIIIIIIANT HUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGG!!!!!!

    I know how you must be feeling and it is not pleasant... just take some time to sort out what you really want without any distractions. It is a difficult situation but ultimately you have to do what makes you happy and you have to ignore other pressures. But we are all behind you! Woohoo! Go Team Nicole!!!

    Secondly- I absolutely love your pretty outfit! So much that I am going to research finding copper pants!

  13. You are getting more and more beautiful lately. I love this outfit on you. Beautiful!! Your hair is amazing in this entry. I know you're going through a rough time right now, and that is truly sad. You two were sweet, but I am sure you'll find someone when the wounds heal (which will take time). Cry it out girl, as much as you can and don't fret.

  14. LOL i love the last picture. So spontaneous and funny, looks like you're jumping out of the picture :) xx

  15. I really love this outfit, the trousers are really nice I want to try and find a similar pair for the fall. I also love the jumping outof e shot photo, so funny.
    Sorry to hear about what happened, hope you guys can sort it out soon and feel better :)

  16. I love you for still being able to look so cute when you're going through quite a lot <3 I love those pants on you! I wish I could be so bold to pull of such a rich color! They will definitely be so good for Fall! I've barely thought or shopped for Fall things. It's like 90+ degrees here. Fall isn't coming anytime soon lol.

  17. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and let me know it!
    I'll follow you back. :)


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