Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crazy Lady In Red

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I'm stressed. There, I said it. I couldn't think of any other way to start this post. Back to school is always a crazy time, but add on a high level of emotional turmoil and VOILA: stress. I've spent the past two days registering for classes which, like always, involves me running around the campus, scheduling interviews, going to those interviews, fretting about not liking some classes, worrying about what to take and, ultimately, stressing about whether after this fantastic process I will get into the three classes I ultimately decided I want. It's not all bad. Since everyone (mostly) is stressed and frantic this week, everyone is also very surprisingly easy to talk to, and while I am what one might call "uber shy" I find myself chatting up everyone I end up next to. There's also going to talk to the teachers I love (nerd) and having a good chat about everything currently driving me all crazytown.

This outfit is kind of the product of my panic. Red is generally the color of stress and or emergencies, and I'm wearing a whole lot of it. Also, it is no where near sweater weather, but I want it to be chilly and rainy out so I can have a reason to hide under my blankets. So, I wore a sweater anyway, despite the bright sun and heat. The fox pin is simply because I like foxes.

Sweater: Gap via Goodwill, Skirt, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

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Until tomorrow,
Crazy Lady (Nicole)


  1. even though red is for stress, it's also a just a very attractive color in general! you look lovely! i love this ensemble. i'm sorry you're stressed though. :( i am too. but mine is more like, FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO BE FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS RIGHT NOW LOL

    ick. college.
    i hope things calm down for you once you settle into the new school year... :) <3

  2. I used to have that sweater! Not sure what happened to it... This is really an awesome outfit; I can't tell you how much I like it!

  3. i wore a sweater too! People thought I was nuts but sweaters are so comforting. Its awesome that you're chatting with people and talking to professors. This time of year is stressful, but it will pass. You're a stylish, intelligent, lovely girl (and I can say that because we've met twice!) you can beat this stress and I bet you do it very gracefully.

  4. This simple red look is adorable, especially with the fox pin. How appropriate! Good luck with getting into all your desired classes if you haven't found out which ones you're taking yet!

  5. Well you look great despite the stress! I bet dressing up will make you feel a little better. Your registration sounds like a terrible system! We do ours online based on earned hours. It's pretty fair. Best wishes this semester! I'm trying to settle into my school and work schedule too. Not the most fun!

  6. At least you look cute while being stressed! I dress how I feel and when I am stressed, I look like a mess! Red is a good color on you :) Cannot wait to see you soon dear! Hang in there until then? <3

  7. What a cute outfit! Great for cheering you up on a stressful day. And that fox brooch is so cute :)

  8. Red is also a color of passion, and glamour. I think you're more lovely than crazy. And love foxes too, since when i was a kid and read my first book, The Little Prince. =D Tati

  9. Hey you. Sorry you're so stressed- beginning of the school year's good for that! You look so lovely though, I've been wearing sweaters too even though it's still warm out. I just want that comfy sweater feeling and pumpkin lattes and all that good stuff. I love love your outfit. You pull off red so well and that skirt's lovely.

    I know you are busy, busy, busy, but email me if you're free at all Sep 13 (evening) through Sep 17 (I'm leaving Sun morning I think). I really would love to meet up if at all possible, and I don't have any definitive plans for when I'm there so I can see you whenever!

    Hope things start to chill out. You're an AWESOME person Nicole! Don't forget!

  10. everything will turn out fine!

    you look amazing stressed. when i get stressed my face breaks out and i just look like a crazy person.

  11. well, you look beautiful in red. when i get stressed out i look like a hot mess and wear the same clothing/pjs for a week..haha.
    i really do hope it gets less stressful for you Nicole.
    have a wonderful loooong weekend love.

  12. that skirt is marvelous! You look gorgeous, and man, I understand! Urgh, back to school is the worst time eveeeer. Everyone is at school early and hyper and I like it, but it just gets me :P

  13. It looks really pretty. I wish I had more to say.

  14. I am so in love with that skirt, it is just the perfect shade of red! I hope you are okay with all your stress, saw your post on Tumblr and am thinking of you! I feel right now that my situation is quite similar to yours, it is so hard to keep living life when you have so much going on emotionally!


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