Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Twin Lakes


Yesterday, I had a strong desire to go somewhere beautiful, so Zak suggested we go to Twin Lakes, a lake and nature trail nearby. I had such a wonderful time roaming the woods, looking at the slightly mucky but still lovely lake, taking too many photos, and laughing my butt off with Zak. One of the main things I dislike about living in New York City is how difficult it is to escape from the urban to the natural. Taking outfit shots around my neighborhood is a hassle because no one, including myself, even has a lawn, let alone a nice field of flowers by their house. So, when I get to escape to places like this, even if just for an hour or so, it makes me quite happy. So happy, that I take way too many photos and post them all here. So yeah, this is my warning that this post is going to be a bit photo heavy.

Top: Sears
Shorts, Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Hat: Salvation Army


Until tomorrow,


  1. aw you look adorable! haven't seen you in a while!! i love your shorts! and your hat is adorable! i love it!


  2. Looks like a beautiful outting!

  3. I am loving your outfit so much. Greatest shorts ever. Also, its really pretty there what a nice way to enjoy the good weather :)

  4. oh my..so beautiful there..i want to come visit!! ;)
    you are seriously the cutest person.. i love this outfit.
    you are making me green with envy with all your wonderful red items.

  5. I love all the pictures; the surroundings are so beautiful.
    I am actually luck enough to live in a small place
    with lots of fields but also a nice and actually very picturesque city. I should get some pictures of that soon, actually.
    Any ways, your outfit is darling, as always. Love the red shorts.

  6. Why are you so cute!?!?!? Can I please have your wardrobe if you ever get sick of it :P

  7. So this could quite possibly be your best outfit ever! I am in love with your shorts, your hat, your shirt, your shoes. Just everything! And why is a desire to go somewhere beautiful strange? I have that desire every single day :)

  8. Love the scallop shorts, I'm seeing those everywhere lately! And the pictures are beautiful!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  9. aw, I love this post. That hat is a great find! And I feel you about the desire to be in nature. It is funny, as a teenager I wanted to kill my mother for making me go on hikes and such, now I miss it :(

  10. This looks like a wonderful little adventure!! It makes me want to drag Niklaas somewhere! I LOVE those shorts. I've been eyeing them on Urban for so long...but I haven't been brave enough to take the plunge!

  11. One photo heavy post once in a while is great! Especially with pictures from such pretty places and such another great outfit of yours!

  12. This is awesome! Beautiful scenery and cute outfit! I love the scalloped shorts. I've seen them around and I feel like I'd be addicted to them if they lived in my drawers.

  13. Ok I have to reblog this in my tumblr because it is a combo of all of my favorite things. One of my favorite color combos (red+white), high-waisted shorts, a tied blouse & a hat! Perfection! Plus that close-up of you is the cutest thing ever.

  14. You and your blog are just the absolute cutest! I'm going crazy over everything in this post...those scalloped shorts, that floppy, hat, those beautiful swans... Wonderful!

  15. I really love the red shorts, and big floppy hat.

  16. That close up picture of you is too adorable! And the scalloped hem?! I die.

  17. awh, dear, these photos are super cute ^^ I love the green enviroment and your pretty red scalloped shorts ^^ x

  18. This is the perfect summer outfit lady! I am loving the scalloped shorts with the tie shirt. And your little sunhat- swoon! I am such a sucker for straw/wicker/fancy sun hats. This one completes the whole look! xx

  19. This location is stunning! And I see you figured you out a way to wear the red shorts. Yay!

  20. I mean, living in a big city has its ups and downs, but wow! You live in NYC! How amazing is that? Besides, you still get to find those awesome spots, which are beautiful! There's no vegetation here :p I'd rather have no lawn, than have no trees around :p Your hat and your shoes are so perfect! They look very camp-ish :P does that makes sense? camp-ish?! D:

  21. Twin Lakes in beautiful. I should go there :) Have you been to Thousand Islands? It's STUNNING. I really want to get out of the city for even just two days!

    I like how you knot your shirt!


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