Thursday, June 23, 2011

Every Road is a Ray of Light


I've been thinking a lot lately about growing up and taking responsibility for myself. This summer is the first time I've really tried to embrace becoming an adult, as silly as that sounds. I kind of dived head first into applying for jobs, looking for an internship, and trying to make money. It's a very strange thing, at least for me it was, to go from having school be my main and pretty much only priority and having a lot of free time to frantically trying to do as much as I can. The thing is, though, I haven't done anything this summer yet, so it's all in my head at the moment. Next week, if things go according to plan, should be a start to a fairly busy rest of the summer. And as much as I really want to work, get experience, and make some money, I'm worried about the balancing of it all. Will I get to see Zak and my friends? Will I get time to myself at all? These questions probably seem silly and selfish to those of you who have been working for a while, and probably rightfully so, but right now I'm trying to convince myself that every opportunity is a good opportunity (hence the post title) and that I'll be able to manage everything gracefully. Here's hoping!

Anyway, this was my first go at the double denim trend. After seeing some of my favorite bloggers, like Emily, doing it, I really wanted to try a double denim outfit of my own. I really like the casual but put together feel of it, and this will probably become a staple summer outfit.

Top: Zak's old
Shorts: Levi's
Sandals: Nordstrom
Sunnies: Ray Ban





Until tomorrow,


  1. You look so adorable, and I know what you mean about growing up and trying to take more responsibility,
    I'm trying to do the same this summer :)

  2. Nicole you are looking so good! So thin! So cute! I am loving this double denim on you! I will have to give it a go myself sometime too once I find a denim top :) It's not silly to feel those things. Now that I've lost my job recently, I am having the same feelings and reluctance to go job hunting because I am thoroughly enjoying all this free time. Learning to balance (giving and taking) is a part of growing up so I think we all need to go through it in order to grow up. Good luck with everything<3

  3. I have been thinking about stuff like that too. A lot of my friends take on summer jobs and handle a lot more responsibility than I do. And sometimes I wonder "maybe I should do something like that, get some responsibilities". But the truth is, handling everything is probably not easy. Even if you can´t handle everything, the truth is, it is definitely something that will help you grow as an individual and a good experience. But I don´t know much about the subject; so I am probably not the person you should be listening to xD
    Any ways, I love your outfit. I especially like the simplicity of it.

  4. Sounds like we're in the same boat. It's hard and I feel helpless at times but I guess you grow up by having to figure it all out on your own. Someday we'll look back and think it's not that bad, I'm sure! I like the denim on denim trend as long as the shirt is lighter!

  5. Ahh I know what you mean about 'growing up' this summer. In september I'm moving away for uni. Im scared! but excited!

    Love how you styled the double denim :) Lovely outfit

  6. I completely disagree with you saying you sound selfish, those feelings are perfectly normal since this is something you never experienced!

    Oh I do love double denim too, I haven't done it in a while on my blog though! I love how simple yet awesome it is, and also the little bow pin you added is the perfect touch to the look.

  7. Silly as it sounds, I really do relate. It's one thing to live in a state of euphoric bliss and childlike wonder, but something that you and I do.. to keep that amazement yet dive into the world to do the 'grown up' things we have to.. honestly, it's inspiring!

    Anyhow, you look absolutely beautiful and have inspired me to try double denim. And you are looking amazing these days!!! :)

  8. i love denim on denim! all jobs are great learning experiences. as i will soon be finding out.

  9. You look so tall and slim in those shorts!! I love the double denim trend:) Good luck with your decision making. I've been working constantly since I was 15. It was one of those...I have to be an adult type of deals too, but I really wish I had taken things slower. Now I'm in my 20s and live for the weekend with a vigor so I can just relax;)

  10. Dang girl, you're looking amazing! i really like the surprise pretty bow in your hair.

    Yep, growing up is a scary thing. I'm not going to lie, I had a full time job last summer and it kicked my ass. I was SO tired all the time and didn't have time to do anything that I loved, but then again, it was an awful job. ha. Good luck to you! Everyone is different.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  11. I do love the contrast in the two denims a lot :) Chambray is so versatile and has such a classic feel. I actually don't own a button up chambray anything. dun dun dun. Amazing, right?

    My summer is exactly like the school year. Hehe. School + work. I know that next summer, I definitely want it off from school. Since I started, I've always done summer classes.

  12. I love that top! I hate jeans but I like denim shorts and shirts. So this look is awesome to me. You look so cuteeee! THAT BOW IS GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK. Adorable.

  13. This is a lovely outfit and I like that you're wearing your boyfriend's old shirt, that's sweet :)

    I think the transition from school to world of work can be difficult. I know I found it really hard to accept haha I balance two jobs at the minute and make time for my social life because it is the saving grace very often when work becomes stressful. Sometimes you will feel that the adult world sucks. Quite a bit, but there is some reprieve in the feeling that you're doing things by yourself and earning things that you want and that can be quite rewarding. I still really miss full time education - university for me was like playing at the real world with a part time job but all the awkward parts of it were cushioned. I miss that!

  14. I just wore double denim after seeing Emily's post too! I felt awesome. ^_^

    Transitioning into a working/adult life can be really tough but you learn to balance things out. When I first started my accounting job, I was freaking out because it was so hard to have time to see friends + do all the other things I wanted to do, but now I really like my schedule & everything has sort of fallen into place. :) I'm sure it will for you too!

  15. oooh what a lovely outfit. you look so beautiful! i need to remake this outfit myself. :) i'm trying to step it up a bit this summer too..i figure i should get a head start in try to become an adult...hrmm...!


  16. Good luck with everything! That transition can be tough.

    I love this look! and your shorts. I'm really picky about denim shorts, I really need a new pair and I feel like at this rate summer will be over before I find a pair I like!

  17. Oooo, I am loving the denim on denim! It is absolutely wonderful. I haven't dived into the trend yet, but I really want to. Especially with little bows in my hair like yours :-) Good luck on finding that summer job/internship/or whatever it may be. xx

  18. Yes I know what you are talking about! I too felt the same way when I was done with school.. Nice look by the way.. Loving the shorts..

    All the best, Angel

  19. This outfit is beyond cute! You look awesome :)

  20. I really love the bag! Pretty sure I left the same comment last time you used it! And well, obviously I like double denim. ; D I want to try it with shorts but now that it's hot enough for shorts here it's too hot for a long sleeved top.

    I don't think you sound selfish at all. You are absolutely mature, and I wish I had such a healthy go-get-em attitude to jobs at the moment. I'm just kind of dreading the day...


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