Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rule Breaker


So, first order of business here on the blog today is for me to whine about my camera breaking. I'm so bummed! When I was going to take outfit photos, I turned on my camera and it said "lens error," which after much internet research seems to be a very common and very annoying canon camera problem. I'm hoping to get to Best Buy soon and try to get it fixed, but for now I'll have to use my dad's camera, which is actually my old camera, so it's alright that I'm stealing it, right?

Now, about this outfit. I really liked this outfit, and I would have worn it out if it wasn't impractical. Now, I'm obviously not the most practical dresser, but I draw the line sometimes. These shoes are fairly uncomfortable. I love them, but that wooden sole is sort of, well, terrible. I'm in the process of trying to get used to them, but driving in them is kind of impossible. Also, it was quite windy and I thought it might not be the best plan to wear a hat. I mean, I know it's not a big deal to post things you don't wear, but I like to think of my blog as daily style - whatever I'm wearing, whether it's "fashionable" or not, so I felt a little bit guilty posting an outfit I ended up adjusting. Oh well, I guess just imagine me and flats and no hat? Hehe :)

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Salvation Army
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Hat: Modcloth




Until tomorrow,


  1. Point and shoots are so evil. I had about ten different ones and that lens error would always happen. Then, I would spend 200 dollars on a new one, only for it to happen again! Finally, I just got a DSLR which I am so happy with. With all the money I wasted on point and shoots, I could have gotten the most expensive DSLR on the market haha. Anywayyyy, I love this outfit. Practical is pointless. Wear things that are fun. I love the hat and colorful top. Cayoootteee.

  2. I love that floral print!! Looks nice! I always put a hat on when I'm getting ready and then end up taking it off in my car or something. I never actually wear it all the way through the day!

  3. You crack me up. That's happened to me before, too. I'll take photos and then decide to change a bit of the outfit. Sometimes I like the new version better, but I don't think I've ever gone back and posted new version photos. Anyway, I love the floral of that top, it's great! Now I'm gonna wander back to our tea conversation on twitter.

  4. I also have a Canon point and shoot, and I've had lens errors for as long as I've owned it (3 years.) Many times the lens would stay popped out for days. Just shove it back in there. They are tough cameras and can handle it. I think there was a piece that became sideways so when the lens went back inside, it was crooked. It's doing ok now!

    I like this outfit, with or without adjustments. Sometimes my outfits take all day to complete because I'll think of something else I should add or take off. By the end of the day it looks perfect, so I guess it's already planned out for the next time I wear it! haha

  5. My outfits often change; usually because I have to put a big sweater on so my cute blouse actually never sees the light of day except for the pictures!

    And I'll say it again, I literally feel your pain with those shoes. I've discovered that they're pretty comfy to cycle in though. I guess they have to be comfy for something... ; )

  6. cute skirt :) love the bow !

  7. I really like your outfit. The floral print is so pretty!

  8. Really like this outfit! The belt ties in the shirt and skirt so well. It's very flattering! I could see this with a variety of different shoe/hat combinations too!

  9. Sorry to hear about your camera!! That is stinky:( At least your outfit is the cutest thing ever!! I love the floral blouse!

  10. No harm or foul with adjusting outfits- I've done this on occasion because Mother Nature doesn't always agree with the looks I pick out. It's the thought that counts!

    I'm loving on the bold floral print shirt and the length of your skirt! Hat/no hat/heels/flats this look is perfect either way!

    Boo about your camera :( Hopefully it's an easy fix (I would think it would be, considering the problem seems so common).


  11. I love the floral print shirt! For some reason, I don't really have any floral tops, just skirts and dresses :O

  12. I love the floral top, it's my favorite part of the outfit!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  13. Oh honey hat or no hat, this is adorable! Wooden soles can be so uncomfortable, but they are so cute aren't day? Have a lovely day!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  14. I love this outfit! Too bad about breaking in the shoes, that can be such a pain sometimes :( But the outfit is cute even if it ended up being adjusted it still had good bones. :)

    Sparrow & Urchin

  15. I hate when I love an outfit, and it just doesn't work. The floral top is really pretty on you.

  16. Eeeh, yes the good ol lens error. That was the death of my canon and my three others before that. Anyways, this outfit is definitely one of my favs of yours. That floral top with the chambray skirt is just the prettiest:)

  17. you look so adorable - I couldnt resist commenting. i lve the floral top and the hat really suits you.

    xo Nav

  18. i have a point and shoot canon camera that gets the lens error. i literally slap the back of the camera while holding the power button to turn it on and that usually works. weird i know. and my friend works at a camera store and she says sometimes they literally bang it against something to get it to work.

    you do really well as a daily style blog. i want to get my blog to do more of that rather than just when i put on clothes. because i do think about my outfits even if its an oversized t shirt and cut off shorts. it's just hard for me to get in the habit of doing so. but you do it so well! even with a broken camera!


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