Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cape Cod


Hello there! I'm back from my whirlwind trip to Cape Cod, which was honestly just what I needed. I'm kind of running on little sleep, so this post is going to be more pictures than words. I didn't take too many pictures. One of the many things I love about Zak is that he often encourages me to put down the camera, stop documenting, and just enjoy what's going on around me (hard advice for a gal like me to take) so, enjoy I did. I certainly broke in my new keds (there's still sand in them) explored a beautiful beach at low tide, played the funniest round of mini -golf I've ever played in my life, ate SO MUCH, and had such a fun time. Here are some of the few photos I have...







Until tomorrow,


  1. Sounds like had a wonderful mini-get away! Glad you were able to put the camera down and's hard to find a balance sometimes!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Hope you enjoyed your break! :)

  3. Lovely! We went last year. It's so nice :)

  4. oh i would love to go to cape cod. it looks lovely. and sometimes the best times are when you put the camera down and relax. also hard for me.

  5. :) glad you had such a good time. there's definitely something to the 'stop documenting, start enjoying' philosophy- i'm glad you were able to take a break from the camera!

  6. I've never been to Cape Code, but it looks magical!!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  7. Robert tells me that all the time! Whenever we go somewhere nice (aka good photo location), he groans when I take a while to get a cute outfit together and am taking photos rather than enjoying the place. We must learn to take in more moments instead of capturing them :) These photos are so lovely though! I especially love the third one!

  8. Sounds like an amazing trip! And I completely agree that it's great to put down the camera every now and again and just experience things. I remember when I went to Europe in college, some of the people were literally glued to their cameras, while I tended to just absorb. It made the moments sweeter, and I still ended up with plenty of photos!

  9. I've never been there but it looks gorgeous! My boyfriend always thinks that I am a lunatic whenever I feel the need to photograph everything. Especially when I take pictures of my hands to show what rings I am wearing haha. That is the funniest thing to him. Men....

    Anyway, these pictures are so cute. I love the way the sky looks! I feel like I really need to go here because I never go anywhere and my life is lame. P.S. I think we live super close to each other. I think... maybe I'm wrong. But I live in North Jersey lol.

  10. Aaaah. The whales on the wall are so cute. They make me smile :D As do you and Zak. I'm sort of the opposite way in which I end up forgetting to take photos at all. And then I'm sad when I come home. Hehe. I want to take a lot of pictures when I go down to Souther California in a few days :)

  11. i'm so glad you had a great time! sometimes its just best to get away .... especially to the beach!


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