Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Denim Infatuation


So, today's actually been a pretty nice day. If you happen to follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I had an interview at Starbucks today. It went alright, I think. I doubt I'll get the job since my interviewer seemed to suggest that they had a lot of people interested in the one position available, but at least I got some interview experience (this was my first real job interview), and a yummy free coffee! Also, I finally got my new camera today - a Nikon D3100! It's my first DSLR and I'm all excited to figure out how exactly it works. I took today's photos with it, though I just used the auto setting, and I think they look pretty good for a first try! Do any of you with this camera/a DSLR in general have any tips on what settings to use or anything? I'm so new to this!

I feel like lately my outfits have really been revolving around denim, and that this blog has sort of become a denim appreciation site. Something about denim jackets and vests really just feel summery to me, though Im not sure why. Clearly, today's look is no exception. I wore a slightly more professional version of this outfit (tights, regular flats, no vest) to my interview, but afterwards, I just needed to me-ify it up a bit!

Dress: Forever 21
Vest: Goodwill
Shoes, purse: Urban Outfitters





Until tomorrow,


  1. No way, you got a new camera?! So did I!
    The best advice I could give is just play with it. Reading the manual can be helpful, but the minute I grabbed mine from the box I just immediately started playing with it. Pressing every button, taking bunches of photos and all that good stuff. But I'm a very self taught person, so that approach may not work for you. But that is so cool!

    I don't think you're the only one wearing a ton of denim lately. Like, every other post I see is someone wearing it! I think it's a pretty neat look, but something like a vest isn't something I'd go for. But almost everything else is fair game. haha

  2. I have the Nikon d5000!!! I noticed from the start that I needed to change the settings because out of the box, it was on the lowest "sharp" setting meaning that the pictures weren't of highest quality. Also, I changed the contrast settings and such and it helped me! Auto always looks good, though:)

    I LOVE that dress.

  3. I love this dress! I saw it in the store, and it was hard to resist buying one for myself! And I'm pretty sure there can never be enough denim.

    I hope your interview went well!

  4. That dress is soo cute!

    I have the Nikon D3100 too! I'm not very good at photography but I take a lot of pictures in the "A" setting (Aperture) which is pretty much depth of field. I try to go for me in focus and the background slightly blurred. I do this by going as low as possible on the f-stop. I'll send you a link to a really useful video I found online!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. hooray for a new camera! I'd say, if you are using the kit lens, open it up as much as possible (lowest f stop) and set it to 50mm (which is good for portraiture) Also, to get nice bokehed backgrounds, find places where the background is far away from you - the further it is, the more it will blur and the prettier it will look.

    Hope you get the job!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I like Nikons. But I'd be murdered if I brought one into this house I'm sure. I come from a family of Photographers, who have sworn Canon hahaa.

    I've been in a denim mood too lately! I've been paring my denim jackets with everything as of late. They just feel so spring/summery too me.
    I love your dress!!!
    Good luck! I'm sure you nailed the interview, even if they said there were a lot of people interested that doesn't mean much. They still could pick you!! :)

  7. I'm so jealous!!! I have a crush on your camera, my love! Also, I wore this dress yesterday! It's so comfy, but so incredibly hot. How did you keep from sweating like a madman in it?

  8. I've been wanting that dress forever! You look absolutely adorable it in, the collar is to perfect.

  9. the auto setting works too, or adjusting the aperature so it's lower, so allow for the 'fuzzy background' look. also, getting a remote is nice. i'm still experimenting doing self portraits with mine.

    that dress looks adorable on you by the wayyy.

  10. Oooh, looking forward to the new camera. I'm still hopeless with ours; I simply haven't been around it enough to play with it and get the gist. Plus, because my eyesight is not good, I can't manually focus it and have the picture actually be in focus, haha!

    I wanted to say the other day but was commenting while insomniac at 2 am and forgot, that I really find your outfits some of the most accessibly creative out there. I love seeing you where the same things again and again, always differently mixed, always perfectly co-ordinated, and always just looking smooth and effortless. You really have a way with style!

  11. I love this dress. The collar and little bow are adorable! The new pictures look great! Your camera is the step up from mine. It's super nice that it has video mode! I just use my flip when I remember.

  12. Yay you got my camera! hehe! I'm still using how to learn it, but it really is pretty great. To start with, the auto & the auto without flash settings are super easy, but once you get used to those it's fun to put in on manual and adjust the aperture and things yourself. You can also put the lens on manual if you don't want it to auto-focus.

    This outfit is super cute. I think the denim vest is the perfect touch! I've really been wanting one of those. I'm glad your interview went well! xo

  13. Oh and shoot in RAW if you have room for them on your computer! So much better.

  14. Congrats on your DSLR, there is nothing more exciting than a fabulous new camera!! And your outfit is just perfection, love it, and would wear it in a heart beat. Hope you're having a fab Wednesday. xx veronika

  15. I love the dress! The contrast between the denim vest and all the cute dots and ribbons is really cool. :D
    Best of luck with the job!

  16. I hope you get the job even if people are looking for it. I think it is wrong when someone hiring say that a lot of people have been up to get a job. I used to be a manager and had to do interviews and I would never tell them what only management should know. That's weird. Anyway congratulations on receiving your first real interview. You look splendid.

  17. Congrats on the job interview! That is great news and I really hope you get the job :-) I LOVE that dress. It seriously is just the best- the peter pan collar stole my heart. And denim is one of my favs- a little throw back to the 90's is a frequent trip in my outfit selections. xx

  18. you look super cute. i saw that dress and almost bought it.
    darnit. :P i hope your interview went well and they hire you!! i hate looking for jobs..ugh!!
    beautiful as always Nicole. <3

  19. Congrats on the DSLR! :) Even though I'm a canon girl at heart, a DSLR is still a DSLR! I can already tell the difference in photo quality! I say try to master the manual setting. I don't ever use the auto settings anymore because then what's the point of getting a DSLR if you're gonna put it in auto? Good luck dear <3 You look super cute in denim!

  20. I love this look! It is one of my favourite of yours so far, and I have lots from you hehe. Well but that happens to me too, having to dress a certain way for an appointment or so and then coming home and changing almost everything so I can feel more "me". :)
    I really hope you get the jib! Working in starbucks would be amazing for me, oh all the amazing beverages and food!

  21. I love this dress a little too much :D It incorporates all of my favorites: navy, polka dots, collar, and tie neck ribbon!

    Working at Starbucks would be so nice. Just as nice as working at Barnes and Noble. You get all sorts of discounts!

  22. cute outfit. Love the neck tie!

  23. You look so beautiful! I love this outfit and your blog is sooo pretty... I'm following you ;)

  24. Beautiful dress! My friend who is also a fashion blogger...hmm, I think she has the exact same one. It's an adorable dress and absolutely ideal for summer! Love your blog. And yay for new cameras!!! :)



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