Thursday, December 1, 2011

At The End Of The Day


My goodness, am I happy for this week to be over. Well, this weekend is going to be full of plenty of work, but it's nice to have a little time to just relax. I've only got two weeks left of school left, which is ridiculous, and I'm kind of in the final push of work and papers. I'm hoping to get most of, or at least half of, my writing done this weekend so I don't get TOO crazy by the end of the semester. Though, uh, I'll probably be pulling my hair out in two weeks anyway. But it's fine!

This sweater is super hairy. And a little itchy. But I liked how it looked with the rest of the outfit, so I stuck with it. Also, this "shirt" used to be one of my favorite dresses, but every time I wash it, it gets a little bit shorter. And, alas, it finally got inappropriately short, so now it's a long shirt. At least I can still wear it in some form, I guess!

Former Dress:H&M, Hairy Sweater: Forever 21, Comfiest Jeans: Levi's, Oxfords: Ruche, Silly Hat: Thrift store





In which my face embodies my feelings toward this week:


Until tomorrow,


  1. haha- your dress story is funny! and girl, i've done the itchy hairy sweaters before... i refuse to put myself through that torture anymore :P


  2. i hate it when clothes shrink... at least you put it to good use! very cute look. i need to try a long blouse under a sweater asap.

    also, i LOVE your hat and coat. so darling.
    i hope you do have a relaxing weekend!

  3. The sweater and blouse are both wonderful. Sometimes things happen for a reason! ;)

  4. I love what you did with the shrinking dress:) It's a great layered look. Hope your weekend is way better than your week.

  5. So cute! the red coat is perfect and I like the hat. The sweater looks hairy but cozy!
    Good luck with finishing your work!
    Life is a romantic poem

  6. AH! NICOLE! I've missed you so much, of course you've been here but I hope you understand my excitement! Anyway, isn't it awesome to be over with school already? SO MUCH STRESS! And let me tell you that I've seen some of your outfits on tumblr and they've been so adorable! Seriously!

  7. i absolutely love your blog posts, and i check every day to see if you've posted. you put together items of clothing that i NEVER would have thought would've gone together and you make it look so adorable and chic! i'm stepping out of my wardrobe comfort zone because you are so brave and creative and i love it! also i have a question: what type are your levi's? are they a vintage wash or dark wash? and why are they so comfy? i've been looking for some comfy go to jeans in my size (16) and i've been having some bad luck, so i was hoping i would try levi's.

  8. I love your winter look! That sweater looks super cozy, despite you saying it's itchy and hairy!

  9. Such a cute outfit!!!! I hate when the dryer shrinks some of your favorite clothing! Good Luck on your last two weeks of school!!

    Marja <3

  10. Your face in the last photo cracked me up! But I can completely relate to how you're feeling. This week was, for me, a full-blown test of endurance every moment, everyday. I'm exhausted and consider this weekend to be a boon.

    Good luck with your finals! I will never understand why in college you have a midterm AND a final exam every semester =_=

  11. Oh, I own so many "this used to be a dress but now it is a shirt" items. Slightly depressing. I really love the detailing around the collar of that sweater, so pretty!! Also, may I ask what kind of jeans those are? (I mean, i know it says Levi's, but do you know which style they are?) I love the fit, and you are claiming that they are the comfiest jeans, so I have to know! :)

  12. What a tragedy that your dress just kept on shrinking! At least you can still rock it in some form, right?

  13. i have this new sweater that i'm obsessed with and i get so itchy if i get too warm in it. you look adorably cozy.
    and i know what you mean about getting stuff done for school ahead of time. i'm not doing a very good job of actually doing it.


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