Friday, December 9, 2011


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I'm guessing the less-attractive/more-naive version of hotsy-totsy is cutesy-tootsy. If this is inaccurate, well, I'm not too concerned with that. Every now and then I throw on an outfit that's an alright outfit, but that feels just a bit too girly for me. Like I need a leather jacket or to roll around in the dirt and scrape a knee in order for it to be more "me." This is probably partly because I really feel like dressing in an ultra-frumpy way today since I've been inside writing a final paper all day. However, I've got to go to work tonight, and I don't think anyone would be thrilled if I walked into the office in breakfast-stained footy pajamas.

Anyway, I loved hearing what your favorite Christmas songs are! So, I'm going to ask another holiday question in every post I do until Christmas. Or until I forget that I'm doing that. So,

Today's Holiday Question: Do you guys decorate for the holidays? My house is a beautiful Christmas mess, and you may have seen the post on my Christmas tree a few days back.

Dress/skirt: Zara, Blouse, cardigan: H&M, Tights: Asos, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

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  1. Your scarf reminds me of a couch my grandma had in her house and a blanket she crocheted for my dad. Something very 70s about the color palette here! It works well with your hair! I really like the brown skirt with a floral print. Tones it down a little! I don't think this is too girly.

    Not sure if I already mentioned this, but my mom goes a little Christmas crazy. Every room is floor to ceiling decorated. This year since we're going to Disney right before Christmas she decided to skip out on most of the decorating except for the tree. I am so relieved!!!

  2. well, i think this outfit is lovely :) especially that scarf!!

  3. I absolutely adore this outfit, your scarf is so cute!

  4. I'm pretty sure you just coined a new phrase, I don't think I've heard anything quite like it! I love this outfit that you used to define it. The colors are kinda retro but the styling is very modern!

    Yes our house is decorated! Lights around a lot of the windows, tree (almost) decorated, and tinsel is hanging out on the furniture. I think that the "magic" Christmas feeling starts within a house and that means lots of decorations and music!

  5. Yay, garage door twins! Haha. I really love all the colors in this outfit, especially in that scarf. It's so pretty. And I'm madly in love with your bag, all of those little eyelet cutouts are killing me.

    My house is full of Christmas madness right now! My family ALWAYS decorates, and no room is left untouched. Christmas is everywhere, and I love it.

  6. I like all the warm colors you've got combined here, but I totally know what you mean. Some days I want to go all-out girly and some days I want nothing to do with the idea, haha.

    Let's see... the front of my house has so many lights on it that I'm afraid we may be mistaken for the Vegas strip... and we've got the tree up with hundreds of ornaments, too.

  7. i love the scarf your wearing and the colors in your outfit are gorgeous!!

    marja <3

  8. what a cute purse! :) your colors here are beautiful. that scarf is darling! i totally understand about the girly/toughish thing though. xx

  9. if i had my own apartment, i'd be decorating for the holidays. but since i just have a wee little room, and i'll be at my parents for the holidays, i won't be decorating. but hopefully next year i shall be.

    i like this outfit. the mish mash of colors is kind of amazing.
    that scarf especially.

  10. Oh I love the colors and layers in this look so much! That scarf is amazing :)

    Yep, we decorate! I am supposed to clean the house today so that I can take some pics of all the decorations tonight for the blog.

  11. Eep. I've forgotten about this cropped lace tank that we both have! It looks so cute in a Fall outfit! Must try that soon :) This is such a wonderful, cutesy, layered Fall look!


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