Monday, December 12, 2011

The Pines Are Dancing


I'm currently quite on the cusp of finishing all of my work for the semester. Currently, I should be rewriting/polishing one of my final papers so I can hand it in tomorrow and be done with it, but, you know, I'll get to that soon. Promise. Maybe. This outfit is remarkably comfortable, and I definitely wanted to be remarkably comfortable for an early day of class and doctors appointments and meetings. To be fair, I only had one meeting and one doctor appointment, but you get the idea. Also, I felt a little like a lumberjack wearing this around (well, I think it was mostly the hat), and it's hardly ever a bad thing to feel like a lumberjack.

Holiday question of the day: Do you own an "ugly Christmas sweater"? A few years ago I bought this sweater from sears with a horrifying Santa face on it. He had the biggest puckered lips and tiny eyes. Haunting.

Blouse, sweater, scarf, hat (though, it was thrifted technically): H&M, Shorts: Urban Outfitters/DIY, Coat: Urban Outfitters (not DIY), Tights: Asos, Boots: Famous Footwear

dec 12





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  1. Hi Nicole!! I loved your winter coat and boots.
    kisses rose-in japan

  2. Those are some really great boots and elbow patches! I think I own an ugly sweater or two : )

  3. Hahhaa I'm actually laughing at your "haunting" comment about Santa. I don't have an "ugly" sweater but I have one that is really silly and cheesy from Goodwill.
    I am loving your girly lumberjack look and am VERY impressed that you aren't "scurrying to write a paper" but rather, polishing and rewriting. I WISH I could have been like that in school.
    I'll fb message you about museum soon, :)

  4. i actually don't own an ugly christmas sweater... but i so want one!! that santa sounds perf.

    i love the elbow patchies on your cardigan, as well as your shorts/ tights/ boots combo! and that coat... i think i've said it before, but man, it's amazing.

  5. Oh you look so cute Nicole! I love the shade of your tights and that coat, too cute! I really love the top too :)

    Oh yeah, school = blah. But I have faith in you girl!

  6. Your look so lovely Nicole!!!!!!!!!

    Marja <3

  7. I love this outfit! Your coat is so pretty, and I love your sweater. I so want an elbow-patches sweater.

    I do not own an ugly x-mas sweater. I bought one for a party a few years ago, but must have passed it on to another thrift store cause I can't find it now. I was at Urban Outfitters the other day and saw that they are selling ugly Christmas literally the ugly sweaters you find at a thrift store, but at Urban and more expensive. LOL.

  8. i have and love ugly holiday sweaters.
    i have a friend that hates them and wants to burn them off my body.. BUT
    c'mon..they are awesome and always puts a smile on my face. :)

    you look beautiful Nicole.
    i love the warm colors in this outfit.
    looks so cozy.

  9. Love this combo, the elbow patches are so sweet! I have a couple 'ugly sweaters' but none of them are really Christmas themed. The ugly Santa sweater sounds amazing.

  10. I'm torn between loving your jacket and your top, I must say, hehe. As for holiday sweaters, I do not own one, but it seems that I may have to soon. I will be moving to a hipster part of town in the next six months and inevitably will be invited to a party.

  11. um i need that sweater.
    i'm jealous of your cute coat collection too. this one is fitting for a fleet foxes music video set in the woods.

    i do not own an ugly christmas sweater. just this weird nordic looking one.
    but it's not ugly. i've also never been to an ugly sweater party.

  12. You look so lovely! I like the mustard tights with shorts, and they look great with your coat (again, it's so beautiful!). I also like your hat, it looks so cozy and warm!
    Good luck with finishing your papers :)
    I actually don't own an ugly Christmas sweater, I need one in my life :)
    Life is a romantic poem

  13. Wow, an ombre coat! That's one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. It's so nice to see a coat that's not black or heather gray, considering that NYC winter is nothing else but a sea of black.

    I love ugly sweaters but reserve them only for the Christmas season. Currently, I don't have any but I had a "beautiful" one with handmade rag dolls sewn on the front when I was a little kid. I really wish my mom didn't throw it away because I would love to pass it down to my future kid!

  14. I'm in love with that coat! It's amazing.


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