Saturday, December 3, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Today, we decorated the house for Christmas, and I'm in such a cheery mood! Every year, we put the tree up, listen to Christmas music, and laugh about the ridiculous old ornaments as we hang them up. We have so many ornaments that are adorable, that have silly stories attached to them, and some that are downright creepy (one-eyed Porky Pig, anyone?), and I thought it would be fin to share some of my favorites with you! So, heeeeeeeere we go!

This is a photo of Cheryl and I with Santa Claus! Or, at least, an unhappy looking man dressed up as Santa Claus. I think Cheryl looks adorable with that big bow in her hair, but I think I look like an oversized boy baby.

While I'm being both vain AND self-deprecating, I thought I'd share my favorite Santa and Me photo from the tree. When I was a kid, this is how I smiled. Really. Ask me to smile, and I bore my teeth like a jackal. Cute!

These are two little bundled up lovers. My parents picked this one up shortly after they got married, one million years ago, and it's really adorable. I love the shiny gold and metal vintage ornaments we have scattered about the tree.


This is a little, tiny book with that contains images and verses from Deck the Halls. It's one of my favorites because I love books, especially tiny ones, and that song.


The Campbell's Kids! This is one of my absolute favorite ornaments. My mom got it from Campbell's Soup by sending away for it back in 1986. I love the style of it, and how downright adorable it is.

I hadn't noticed this ornament until this year, but it's now one of my favorites. It's a beautiful little wooden violin that, according to my mother, was on her tree when she was a youngin'.

Horton! A few years back, I got way into Horton Hears a Who. We found this ornament on super clearance during the off-season, and every year I get really excited to hang Horton and little tiny baby Horton up on the tree. Because I'm a mature adult. Oh, and uh, don't mind the horrifying pasta angel amalgamation just to the left of little tiny baby Horton. The real pasta angel's head broke off, and when another ornament's head fell off, I uh took it upon myself to fix everything! The result was that. Beautiful, no? Speaking of which, let's end on two of the creepier ones!


Little One-eyed Raggedy Annie! She also has no arms. But boy, is she cute. My mom picked this one up years ago, not that you can tell. And now, everyone's favorite...


One-eyed Porky Pig! Now, I'm not sure why we have so many amputated, disintigrating, creepy ornaments on our tree, but I can say that I love it. Not only is Porky one-eyed, but he's also inexplicably not wearing any pants. Merry Christmas!


And there you have it! The busiest Christmas tree in all of Christmas land. Do you guys have any fun/weird ornaments that you love to hang up?

Until tomorrow,


  1. Yayy, I love your Christmas tree!! I hate it when people have like, "coordinated" color theme trees. I prefer weird, random ornaments. That's what my family's is like, lots of tragic homemade ones that us kids made. You were a super cute little kid! And that Porky Pig ornament is a little bit terrifying. In the best way.

  2. My family is downstairs doing the tree and I'm upstairs doing homework... and commenting on your blog, haha.

  3. This reminds me so much of my own Christmas tree! A random assortment of ornaments from my parent's childhood, mixed with kindergarden crafts, and our yearly Hallmark ornaments that my sister and I get as Christmas Eve presents. Way more sentimental than planned trees.

  4. "amputated, disintigrating, creepy ornaments" hahaha Nicole! You have such fun ornaments! I swear, especially the one-eyed pig :D

  5. Aww, this is seriously the sweetest post! I love family Christmas trees that are full of history =D

  6. You guys definitely aren't minimalists, but then neither are my family so it's all good. We actually have the cousin of that raggedy andy ornament... I think ours is blonde though and was bought by my grandparents so it absolutely ancient! I think we have ornaments going back to the 40s, though every year we or our dog manage to break a few!

  7. It's awesome that you shared your ornaments with us! We got our tree up and that's about it. Ornaments are coming soon enough. I don't recall anything as unusual as yours. Although, most of them were picked out when I was 5, so there is a lot of homemade reindeer and lots Barney and other characters from my childhood.
    That one eyed pig is definitely something that nightmares are made of! lol

  8. Hi Nicole, beautiful Christmas tree, I met your blog through the blog of Kallie.
    kisses rose-in japan


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