Sunday, December 11, 2011

From Under a Pile of Final Papers

dec 11 3

So, this easy-peasy outfit is what I would've worn if I went to work today instead of staying home, buried under piles of papers, Shakespeare, Byron and self-pity. Luckily, I'm just about done with work for the semester (I think). I really just want to hand everything in and be rid of it, 'cause I know I'll be antsy until I do.

Oh, and speaking of work, like a was a few sentences ago, at a poetry reading on Friday night, one of the readers came up to me and told me -guess what - that she reads my blog! How ridiculous is that? She's a lovely poet named Jamie, who read her wonderful poems, in which she transcribed Gossip Girl episodes. Yes, it's as fantastic as it sounds. I had a great time meeting and talking with her! (Hi Jamie, if you're reading!) The whole poetry reading Friday night was pretty wonderful, but meeting a blog reader made it extra special.

And before I forget, today's holiday question: What's your favorite holiday treat? I'm a big fan of sugar cookies lathered in colorful icing, these rosette cookies my grandmother bakes, and those big plastic candy canes full of reeses pieces.

Dress: Etsy store, Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, Tights: Hue, Shoes: A Wild Tonic Vintage, Purse: Urban Outfitters

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Until tomorrow,


  1. I LOVE YOU OUTFIT! Ive said this a thousand times but you always have the most amazing outfits!

    im glad you enjoyed your poetry night!

    I would have to say my favorite holiday treat would be cookies, all kinds of them!

  2. I love your hairstyle in these! And the colors tights. I like cheese ball and crackers. I could eat that and nothing else for days.

  3. Also i was hoping you and I could do a little Christmas swap? it could be anything from something handmade to a cute little Christmas card. We actually did a little swap together last year though im not sure if you remember. Could i contact you through email or facebook to talk about it more by any chance?

  4. My favorite treat is the cookies with the hershey kisses on top!
    Also, i really like your hair i this post! the color looks great!

  5. You will one day miss the pile of papers! Well, at least I do...

  6. My favorite holiday treat is COOKIES but I could totally go for a rice crispy treat right now.

    Goodwill Huntingg: Happy Holidays Giveaway!
    Accessory alert: tassels

  7. Hi Nicole! It was oh-so-lovely to meet you too! :)

    My favorite holiday treat is...homemade Chex mix, anything peppermint, and the goodies my mom puts in our stockings. She always picks old fashioned candy.

    xoxo jamie

  8. Oh yes, I love Rosettes!! We make them every year as well. I'm assuming you're Italian too:) My grandmother who was German always had marzipan candies and pfefferkuchen which Christmas is never complete without.

    Pretty as always Nicole. Loving the contrast of the vivid skirt with the maroon tights. I definitely wouldn't have thought of that combo.

  9. Love this look--streamlined and colourful at the same time! And your hair is looking nice too. : )

    My favourite Christmas treat as made by my family are rum logs... basically shortbread logs with rum icing sprinkled with nutmeg. As amazing as they sound for sure!

  10. That skirt is so...psychedelic (lol that's the first word that came to mind!). Skirt + sweater + tights + flats is my studying outfit too! Good luck with the end of the semester stuff <3

    My favorite holiday treat will always be pie. pie. pie. pie. pie. Because it's the only time of year that I get it!

  11. i like springerle cookies aaaaand. that's all i can think of. i need to make them myself because they're so delicious and addictive.

    i'm also extremely jealous of your ability to wear a sweater over a dress without looking like a frumperdoodle.


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