Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cranberry Bog

dec 6 2

So, the title of this post functions on two levels. 1. I'm wearing cranberry-colored corduroy pants. And 2. I'm bogged down with school work. I wish that I was actually at a cranberry bog, hanging out with cranberries and such, but I'm not. I'm just wearing pants and going a little crazy. Today's been a real doozy. Not in a bad way or anything, though I do seem to be getting sick, in fact plenty of ridulous, slap-happy things happened today. It's just been a real doozy. So, excuse me while I end this blog post and eat my delicious dinner calzone.

Pants: Asos, Sweater: Topshop (gift), Shoes, bag: Urban Outfitter, Hat: JCPenney

dec 61

dec 6

dec 6 3

dec 6 4

Until tomorrow,


  1. Lovely pairing outfit :) cranberry corduroy pants are fantastic! & I, too, am bogged w/ class assignments. Only 4 more days left of the semester!!

    Good luck with yo studies :)

  2. Well, shucks! It seems like every time you have a great day, then the next turns into an icky day.
    Oh well, at least you look good while you're going through it all. The color scheme of this outfit is spectacular! I can already tell that hat is becoming a staple in your wardrobe. Is there anything it doesn't go with?!

  3. Weee! You found corduroy pants! Love the color! They look fantastic on you! Good luck with the end of semester stuff!

  4. Love corduroy. Love cranberry... wish I had a bigger wardrobe!

  5. Oh my, I want those pants! I can just imagine all the possibilities!

  6. This is too chic. Love it. Gonna try and emulate it sometime...


  7. Eek!! I want those pants lady! Both the color and cut are perfect on you. Loving your play on the title...hehe, you always write in such a cute way. Yeah, I would definitely be down for going to a cranberry bog too...those Ocean Spray commercials always have me longing for this:)

  8. Now *I* want a calzone, haha. I sympathize with the bog part of your title. Today is my last day of finals and I am so READY for it to be over, haha. I wish you luck with your life bog, too.


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