Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missing In Action

Hello there! I've been all over the place lately, except for this blog. I've had a hectic few days, starting with classes beginning on Thursday. And then yesterday was such a silly, crazy day as well. Since I didn't get into one of the classes I signed up for, I had to attend the dreaded "Alternate Registration," in which you have to choose a class from a list of classes that no one wanted to take, and are constantly reminded of what class you did not get into. I was at school for hours interviewing, freezing, and panicking (the usual?), and now I wait for my schedule. And then last NIGHT I went to a Bayside concert! Oh god, was that something. I first saw Bayside four years ago at the same club. I ended up having a really nice time, screaming lyrics I somehow still perfectly remember after almost a year without their music, almost losing both a pinky toe AND a shoe in a very rambunctious crowd, and pushing sweaty, flailing boys away from me, and into the mosh pit. It was a lot of fun, and a very nice way to rid myself of the stressy nonsense I've been feeling lately. Most importantly, though, Josh had a swell time at his first show. He even got slapped in the face by a mosh-kateer! He makes me so proud.

This outfit is from Thursday, but I wasn't so thrilled with how the pictures turned out AND I came home from class, got covered in blankets, and turned in to a pile of mush for the night. Every now and then I like to throw on my mom's old, HUGE glasses, mainly because they make me feel studious and productive. And cool.

OH! And before I forget, I finally made a TWITTER! After much thought, and the fact that I kept coming up with things that I would tweet if I had a twitter, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon! I've started following some of you (I'm sorry if that sounds creepy, because it kind of does) and I'm all giddy with new social networking fever! Follow me if you like! If the link doesn't work, my twitter name thing is "CocoMariaaa" with three whole A's. Hooray!

Sweater: Delia's
Skirt, Boots: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Hue
Glasses: Mom's

And now for three quality concert photos!

That blurry dream boat is Fred Mascherino, formerly of Taking Back Sunday and The Color Fred, and currently of Terrible Things. I met Fred for the second time last night. He is really a swell guy.

I tried really hard to take a good picture of two hairy arms, but Anthony Raneri got in the way.

I'm happy I have a plethora of photographic evidence that I do not always look this demonic. I actually have a REMARKABLY similar photo of myself (but with Anthony Raneri) from my first show. I guess Bayside makes me all crazy.

Hope you're all having swell weekends so far!


  1. I tried twitter myself, but found I had nothing really interesting to tweet. I still can't help feeling lift out though :(

  2. Looks like a really fun concert, and sounds like a really busy week! Hope things even out in a while. :D

  3. This is a ridiculously sweet outfit! I had a hunch the sweater was from Delia's before reading so. I have a somewhat similar one in white.

    I'm not sure I could handle club shows and mosh pits anymore. You brave girl! Geez, 7 or 8 years ago I was nearly trampled by a guy 3x my size at a Brand New show. He fell right on my back. Ouch!

  4. You are gorgeous! And uh-- I cringed for you upon reading about alternative registration.. That happened to me last year. Somehow, my schedule got thrown out and I had to re-register for all my classes. I got screwed over biiiig time. I hope all your classes worked out.

    And Bayside. I have the urge to dress in my old "uniform" of skinnies with a band t and start flailing around my room.

  5. Cute outfit! The color of the sweater is beautiful.
    That's such a bummer you didn't get into the classes you wanted. Hopefully you'll get some next semester!

  6. Another cute and sweet outfit! And I love to see you wearing glasses :)
    Welcome to twitter, I'm following you back.

  7. oh those boots, I wanted those for so long. Now I'm wishing i would have purchased them, I love your glasses..especiallysince they're your mom's!

  8. great look! love how you paired some lace up flat boots with it

  9. Yesss twitter! Welcome to the addictive fun! And I love you so much in those glasses, they rule! Although I'm a sucker for big glasses. Derp.

  10. Looks fun, I'm following you on twitter. Now I sound all creepy, and stalker like. I always thought social media was a socially acceptable way to stalk others.
    My Heart Blogged - Fashion Blogging

  11. I really like this outfit! The colour of the sweater is beautiful and the boots look great!


  12. your outfit looks lovely on you... :) plus your beautiful too!


  13. You look so lovely, you combine colours so well. This is a really cute outfit.


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