Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've Seen It All

Hello there! So, I spent pretty much my whole day today with Zak, which is always a good thing! I went over to his place early this morning to go with him to his pre-surgery interview. He's having surgery tomorrow (nothing too major, no worries), so I wanted to make sure I spent today making him happy and worry free. And what better way to make someone happy than to feed them pancakes? So, after a semi-stressful morning, we headed over to the diner and had some yummy pancakes for breakfastlunch. Luckily, I documented this occasion in great detail. was moreso me taking pictures to make the unbearable wait for pancakes go by faster! I even managed to get some outfit shots. Honestly, I kept it comfortable and simple since I was really only going to the hospital and eating.

Top, Boots, Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Zara
Scarf, hat: H&M
Necklace: gift


Love and pancakes (Until tomorrow),


  1. I think you need more Zak on your blog b/c his expressions are HILARIOUS. Love your colorful scarf, and happy pancakes to you, too :)

  2. Ah, those pancakes are making me so hungry!! Your outfit is awesome and I love those boots!

  3. Loving your accessories- the hat goes so well with the colors in the scarf. And that bird cage necklace is so darling!

  4. you two are so cute.
    ahhh..i love love love pancakes Nicole! NOW I AM HUNGRY!
    tell him i hope his surgery goes wonderful! <3

    ps. you are beautiful :)

  5. so cute <3
    i love your necklace. you rock this look. :]
    those pancakes look yummy!

  6. I'm with MK on this one....Zack's expressions are hilarious! Hahaha
    I'm one of the few people who don't like pancakes in this world. I really love waffles, but not pancakes even though they are made from basically the same batter, ha. Pancakes are too soggy for me and I like my waffles crisp!

  7. you look so cute!! i love your boots so much i seriously need to find a pair like that and those pancakes look so yummy!!

  8. I agree with everyone else- Zack is so cute! The two of you are so sweet. I love your scarf!

  9. I LOVE that sweater...I really need to go to Zara, I've never been but so many bloggers have awesome clothes from that store. I hope everything goes well with Zak's surgery!

  10. love the casual coolness of this outfit. the top and scarf are lovely!

  11. Goodluck to zak's surgery and those pancakes looks so yummy!!!!

    Marja <3

  12. Mmmm those pancakes look so yummy.

  13. Seems like you had a wonderful time! And those pancakes look so good!
    I hope Zach´s surgery goes well.

    -Ana, (In)Sane


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