Friday, January 14, 2011

"I Just Realized My Wardrobe Is 70 Percent Corduroy"

So, I've repeatedly stated my determination to not give in to twitter. I spend enough time on the internet as it is, and most of my tweets would probably be me whining about being hungry. However, in the past few days I MAY have briefly toyed with the idea of getting one. In the past few weeks, I have been watching a whole lot of criminal minds. It seems that once I decide I like a crime drama, I need to watch as many episodes as I can (I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode of Law and Order:SVU. I'm also pretty sure this is a problem). It doesn't help that winter break has turned my into a very lazy person. Anyway, so yes, Criminal Minds is a very good show, with a lovely cast, which is what I think draws me to a show the most. So, how does this relate to twitter? Well, Matthew Gray Gubler is on Criminal Minds, and while I was watching an episode, I remembered coming across his twitter awhile back and that it was remarkably funny/a very good 140 character read. I remembered correctly, it seems, because when I made my way to his twitter a while ago, I couldn't stop chuckling over how witty and silly and wonderful all his posts are. The title of this post is one of his tweets, one that made me want to analyze the amount of corduroy in my own wardrobe/wear corduroy.

So, it turns out I don't have much wearable corduroy. I actually found a surprising amount of corduroy pants in my drawers (puns?), but they are now all 2-3 sizes to big and make me look slightly a youngin' who got into my dad's clothes closet again. So, I decided to wear this skirt, which is my favorite corduroy in my wardrobe, and which I wear more than I realize. The resulting outfit ended up making me feel like a corduroy bandito and/or vampire. So, I guess what I'm saying in this post is 1) Matthew Gray Gubler's twitter almost convinced me that I should also get a twitter, (I'm still surprisingly on the fence) and 2). Corduroy makes me want to dress like an outlaw vampire. Which could be just a vampire, depending on which one we're
talking about.

Oh, and I just wanted say a quick thanks to all of you who sent your well wishes to Zak. I just heard from his mom that the surgery went fine :)

Skirt, boots: Urban Outfitters
Shirt, Sweater: Forever 21
Hat: Modcloth

And then, it got really cold, and these happened:

Have a great weekend!


  1. I think the corduroy looks really great, especially with the lace top. :D

  2. Cute outfit <3 I have total cardigan envy!
    Omg i LOVE criminal minds too, have been watching old re-runs all the time recently, matthew gray gubler is a babe!! and Reid is such a cute geeky well-dressed character with his leather stachel, cords and what-not <3 I'm glad to hear he may actually dress like this in real life!
    SVU is also awsome, im such a crime show addict, all the law and orders, though the criminal intents with chris noth in arnt great in my opinion! and all the csi's (Miami <3) and NCIS, used to love JAG too but they never show re-runs of that here in uk!
    haha just some total tv geek for you there :-)

    Voni x

  3. we are obviously soul sisters because i, too have seen every episode of SVU.

    i'm watching it right now. no lie.

  4. That lace top is one of my all time favorites of yours! Everytime I see it, I favorite the picture :) I love the mix of patterns with your cardigan too!

  5. I've been resisting twitter myself. Until last week I didn't even know how it worked. I know it would be a great way to gain more readership on my blog but I don't think I need a new internet addiction. I"m almost ready to quit facebook. The blog world is much more entertaining.
    And speaking of addictions, when my husband is gone, I cannot stop watching SVU.

  6. This outfit is perfect in every way. The cardi, lace blouse, and cord skirt..I adore every last thing. This has absolutely convinced me that I need some cord. in my wardrobe. Not sure why I shy away looks so lovely every time you wear it.

    As for SUV - I love it too:) I haven't watched reruns for some time though. It kept me up far too late..hehe.

  7. This outfit is so pretty! The corduroy and lace go very well together. I just was about to get some corduroy pants today but didn't, though a skirt seems a much better idea!
    You're right about twitter, it's addictive, one more addictive thing on the internet, but it is also so fun!

  8. so good to hear the surgery went well!
    and you look ADORABLE here! the cardigan, the red skirt, and the boots are the perfect combo.
    also i secretly hope you get twitter someday :P

  9. oh i love love this outfit!! the cardigan, lace top, red skirt and boots look amazing!! i am now convinced that i need to find a corduroy skirt asap :)

  10. I really like that skirt! I own a lot of corduroy too, it happens. I tried to resist twitter and failed. Miserably. :O

  11. get on twitter i can stalk you! ;)
    you look beautiful..there is nothing wrong with having tons of corduroy..
    i wish i had more!!
    i love how you paired it with lace too.
    have a great weekend love!

  12. hehehe this post made me laugh. I think you should get twitter though. I shall follow. Also, you look super cute. I like yo' corduroy.

  13. Get Twitter! I swore I wouldn't, but I did. Great story, huh?

    I love how you paired lace with corduroy!

    I really thought I'd never ever ever get one, but I ended up getting one after I got back from NYFW and it's so fun and addicting :) I love that you paired lace with corduroy--such an unlikely pair! And I adore the color scheme here :)

  15. Outlaw vampire, HAHAHAHAAHA. Your tweets would be awesome. Just sayin'.

    That sweater makes everything better! (Couldn't help it.)

  16. this is such a cute outfit! you make me want to wear skirts. so i actually went thrifting for some the other day!

  17. Hahaha twitter is not as bad as it sounds... I guess it just depends who you follow! :) i talk about nonsense on there and I'd follow you in a heartbeat! Oh about the comment you left me! I ramble a lot too and I love people like that and yeahhh /: I totally understand those meaningless friendships... I want something that's worth a shot and that in 10 years we can still talk and get together /: so we are two perfectly normal girls :)

  18. Fantastic post, I love your style so so much! x

  19. Well, corduroy is one of the world's great fabrics anyway. I used to have so much, but am thinking I might need to stock up myself! I love this look with the fantastic sweater and great lace top as well!

  20. Oh man. I clicked the link, followed him on twitter, then got sidetracked. I almost forgot to come back here and comment.

  21. I love SVU. I was highly addicted to NCIS for awhile. I stopped treating it like crack, and now all is well in my world again. I've just recetly started using twitter. It's addicting, and I'm sure everyone is sick of my rambling.

    My Heart Blogged

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