Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've Been Thinking Out Loud

Hey there! I spent my whole day today running - read, delicately trudging - around campus trying to interview for classes. While the weather forecast I saw last night called for forty one degrees and cloudy. What I got was icy death rain. It was...an adventure? The most adventuresome of it all was walking up and down - successfully, may I add - my campus' steepest hill, that was covered in ice. Oh, and the banister was also covered in ice, which was really helpful in steadying myself. Luckily, it seemed that at every stop on my journey I found good company to travel, brood, and nearly slip with, and that made things much better (but no less icy).

This is about as practical an outfit anyone's going to see from me, I think. I put on my sturdiest boots (I kept almost typing "boats" instead. A mistake? I think not) and extra socks...and, you know, a dress. This dress is actually one of my "guilty dresses," a term I coined just now to describe dresses I buy then never wear. The other day, I decided my wardrobe needed more jumpers to layer shirts under, so I chopped the sleeves off of this dress, and I like it a bit more now. Semi-solutions!

Oh, and before I forget! I thought this bag deserved to be shone. I picked it up a few years ago from South Street Seaport when I was super into Robert Frost. I still think he's a swell guy, though I've read much more poetry since then, and this is one of my favorite bags that I don't use often enough.

Top, Dress: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Hue
Socks: Delia's
Boots: Steve Madden
Belt: Target
Hat: Hot topic?

Until tomorrow,


  1. Great outfit again. The dress is perfect with this shirt.

  2. Looks fairly practical! :D
    I love the dress!

  3. gosh talk about classes :/ I just finished signing up for al of mine....any ways I love this belted dress.... belting anything always helps in really defining the waist..great post girl!!

  4. aw that bag is amazing!
    and you look so pretty, once again... love the shirt and the way you combined purple here!

  5. this dress is so adorable on you for sure! I love it. I read a Robert Frost book to my sons going to bed. Love him.

  6. I love your Robert Frost tote! It's very unique.

  7. Love your outfit and the purple/blue hues! It looks super comfortable! And cute tote bag as well! Hope you got all your classes!

  8. Well your practical outfit is fantastic! Purple makes me happy :) And interviewing for classes?? Never heard of such a thing!

  9. oh i love that dress the colour is awesome and that shirt looks like it was made for it!!!

  10. No matter how overused that quote is I LOVE it nonetheless. Good to hear your first day went pretty good!

  11. love this look.
    super comfy and simple.
    i love that you chopped of the sleeves..i may have to do that to some of my duds!
    i love Robert Frost..i think he is a swell guy too!! :)
    you look beautiful..ALWAYS!

  12. I like the idea of cutting off sleeves for layering, it would work well for sweaters too, then you would have an awesome vest. Sorry you had horrible weather.
    My Heart Blogged

  13. love those boats! er, boots... (:

    cute blog!

  14. I love the bright purples!! Purple is one of my favourite colours! Also I haven't had much of it in my wardrobe lately! You look great!


  15. your waist looks SO tiny here!
    so cute! i've been wanting to rework a lot of my clothes/newly thrifted clothes.

  16. This is such a great outfit Nicole! I was thinking the same thing this morning (about needing more jumper like dresses). Removing the sleeves of a dress I don't wear seems like a great solution. Glad I have smart bloggers like you to follow for such ideas. :D

    & nice tote! I have a tote collection & I'm a sucker for poetry so I'd love one like that!

  17. I am a fan of Robert Frost and this one poem is a particular favourite of mine so I love your bag!


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