Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You were like a walking compliment

I seriously can't get enough of these jeans. I know that I'm wearing them in my last post, but I've got my reasons. Lately it's been wonderfully chilly and stormy out, and I've really just had the urge to dress super cozy in jeans and a sweater. And while I greatly miss my tights, it's not quite cool enough out for them. Also, these jeans are amazing. I made my way into a Levi's store a few weeks ago with no intention of buying anything. I really just wanted to see what size I could fit into, since last time I went there about a year ago I couldn't fit into any of their jeans. I tried on this pair (not even the biggest size, which is a new experience!) and they fit like a dream. Seriously. It was as though two heavenly, denim-shaded clouds had wrapped themselves around my legs with no intention of leaving. So, while they were a bit more expensive than most of the jeans I have, they made me feel wonderful, so I figured that was a good incentive to purchase them :)

Shirt: Delia's, Cardigan: H&M, Jean's: Levi's, Belt: Delia's, Glasses: Claire's, Moccasins: Minnetonka

On my way home today, I stopped in CVS with my mom to pick up a few supplies for her classroom (I'm helping her decorate. She's chosen a purple and yellow color scheme which I think is working out swimmingly, despite her covering the walls with math related decorations, boo!). I ran into two people from grammar school/high school who were both working there. While I really wasn't ever close to either of them, and only exchanged brief hello's with one of them, I got to thinking. I've never had a job. A lot of people I know worked throughout their later high school years and continue to have jobs now. I was thinking about getting an on campus/work study job this semester at college, but I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it. I mean, I'm pretty diligent with my school work, but reading and writing papers has always been my focus. I'm worried that adding a job into the mix will overwhelm me. I know I sound like a big baby, I agree, and I know that tons of kids go to school and have jobs, but I've always put all of my efforts into school and am kind of worried about getting a job. Oof!

Thanks so much for reading, especially since a lot of this post wasn't quite fashion related.

Happy Wednesday,
Nicole :)


  1. Those jeans are wonderful! I have a difficult time finding jeans since I'm so darn short. Fashion doesn't seem to realize that short people can be chubby, so I often have to sacrifice length or size. :/

    Anyhow, how sweet of you to help your mom decorate! My mom's a teacher as well, and whilst I didn't get to decorate, I engaged in the ceremonious "tearing down of the decorations" since she switched from Pre-K to kindergarten. :) Hope you are having a just-as-wonderful-as-you-are day!

  2. you look adorable!!! I love the glasses :) I have some like those! You look so comfy and sweet:)

  3. i have those shoes toooo! =] hehe. you look adorable in casual wear!

  4. i love your outfit soo cute and causal! sweet shoes

  5. you look great in those jeans! i was scared too about balancing work and school at first, but in time you'll learn to adjust :) working is actually quite fun at times and the feeling you get when you get paid is so so so so priceless!!

  6. Lovely jeans! It's totally worth it if you find the perfect pair. Even if the price is a little steep, I think the investment is worthwhile!

  7. simply and nice outfit ;)

  8. Cute jeans! I like how you wore them with a belt :) I usually hate wearing jeans but I sort of want to try them now...hmm!

    Working is tiring and boring...but...more money = more clothes haha oh dear! Shopaholic right here :(


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