Monday, August 9, 2010

Then You Come Crashing In

When I got up this morning, I put on a dress and a bow belt, and went downstairs. A few minutes later, I trudged back up the stairs and changed. There was nothing wrong with my first outfit, it just didn't feel right. It was really...cute, which generally, I really like, but for some reason I wanted to go in more of a nerdy, grungy direction and less of a cutesy one.

Skirt: H&M, Top and plaid shirt: Delia's, Belt: Target, Moccasins: Minnetonka, Fake glasses: Claire's

This whole outfit switcheroo made me think of how well who I am is portrayed by what I wear. I'm not sure I really have a definite style. If you look through my outfits, they all vary a bit. Some are similar, but for the most part I'm not sure what I would label my style as. It's not classic preppy, or vintage inspired, or super chic, or tough. It's kind of this one big amalgamation of all of these things. I generally just pick out things that I like and that I think look good on me or look good together, no matter what little style category the piece falls into. I like this system, and I think it works, but sometimes I get a bit envious of the girls who seem to have a handle on exactly what kind of style they have.

Do any of you ever think about this? About what your style represents you? Anyway, I hope you all had lovely starts to the week!

Until tomorrow,


  1. i really like to experiment with different types of clothing and hope it works :)

  2. I really don't know what my style is. I have a bunch of elements I put together to make my montage of whateverstyle, haha! I have some vintagey things, ike prett scarves and cognac colored accessories, but then on the other hand, I've got rock chic studs and geometric patterned dresses. I guess I sort of manage to harmoniously mix all of that? Hahhaa. Anyway, good post and I really love the color in your outfit and the super cute nerd glasses!

  3. I love that shirt. I have days where I want to dress outside of my style and some days where I'm happy in my little niche. I like this outfit though, nerd glasses ftw!

  4. Yes! I've tried to figure out what my style is based on what I wear most often, but I have no idea!!! Lol. And I, too, sometimes get envious of those with an obvious "style." :/

    I follow the same basic guidelines as you...what I like, looks good me, etc...

    Who knows. Haha.

    Lovely skirt! :)

  5. WEll maybe a varied style is your style! You like to try new things and thats what suits you best. I'm not quite sure what my style is either. I think it depends on how I feel when I get dressed. I do the same thing in the morning as you, sometimes I'll try two outfit on because one may not suit my mood. But anyway, I love this outfit. I'm trying to buy more casual things like what your wearing for fall because I know I won't want to be dressed all nice at art school where they might get ruined.

  6. my style changes every day haha

    sometimes i get so lazy i'll just grab whatever i can find which is baaadddd

    haha despite you're going for the nerdy / grunge look you look nerdy COOL not in nerdy nerdy but cool nerdy :)

  7. cute look! your glasses add a cute nerdy touch, i love it!

  8. Yes, I always struggle with trying to define my style when anybody asks me to do so. It's like, well, today I feel like a rock star, but tomorrow I may feel like a Medieval milk maid. It's so variable! I figure, I'll just wear what I like when I like, and tell people to go away if they ask me to define my clothes.

    I love this outfit; it's so cute and casual, but definitely individual.


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