Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If you've never stared off into the distance then your life is a shame

Today's been a pretty laid back day. It yet again started off with me sifting through my closet twenty times, disliking everything and feeling uninspired. I got dressed around 5 times before I just pulled this skirt and top from my closet, was happy, and got dressed. I worried that MAYBE it would be cute overload, what with both my peter pan collar AND bow, but I felt like cute-overload today, so I really didn't care. I really just went food shopping and to the dentist (boo!) today, and my night will be filled with weight watcher brownies, blogging, and law and order: svu marathons. Yay! :)

Top: UO, Skirt: Alloy, Belt: Target, Shoes: Steve Madden

Jumping! Oh man, it seriously took about, oh, 8 million tries to get a decent shot of me jumping. Bless my mother's patience. This isn't the most flattering thing ever, but for some reason, I felt this outfit garnered a jump photo :)

Until tomorrow,


  1. omg i almost wore my striped version of that peter pan collar blouse today! i love your top! i wish i had gotten that too! :D

  2. really cute! I love the skirt ^.^
    I don't think it's cute overload at all, it's perfect ^.~

  3. i've been feeling the same way when i get dressed lately. i need a change of season! but any way i think you look adorable and the outfit looks very flattering on you

  4. Oh, you reminded me that I really need to go to the dentist (wisdom teeth are killing me) :( One of my roommates in college and I used to watch Law and Order SVU constantly...our tv was always on and somehow SVU was the only thing ever playing. That skirt is very cute!

  5. blog walking,,

    love ur shoes :D

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  6. oh my gosh. I LOVE YOU SKIRT! =)

  7. cute cute cute... you are so stinkin' cute!

  8. Oh I love that top! Who cares, sometimes cute-overload is necessary, hehe! You look gorgeous lady :]

  9. oooh I need a white peterpan style top too! You're right- peterpan tops are the very best :) You're adorabllleee!!


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