Wednesday, June 30, 2010

School Girl Crush

Whoever would have thought that after twelve years of wearing a school uniform I would wear a prep school inspired outfit of my own volition? Not I, that's for sure. Perhaps, though, if this was my uniform instead of an itchy gray plaid skirt and white polo shirt I would have felt differently about wearing it. So, I knew that I wanted to wear these shorts today, and they totally reminded me of something a grade school boy might wear, so I thought to myself, "why not push the idea even further with a peter pan collar?!" Word for word thought process, I tell you.

Shirt: UO, Shorts: Zara, Sandals: Steve Madden, Belt: Delias, Necklace: Modcloth

Confession time! Back in high school, which I talk about as though I'm in my eighties now even though I actually graduated just last year, I had a legitimate "school girl crush" on one of my favorite teachers, who I actually still talk to every now and then. In my defense, he's really cool AND quite the snappy dresser. Have you ever had a "school girl crush," or am I the lone...crusher? That word doesn't seem right. But anyway,

Had to have a little fun with my favorite necklace

Until tomorrow,
Nicole :)


  1. such a cute school girl inspired look!! hehe and I wore that top yesterday! ^.^

  2. super cute outfit. i have that shirt and i love it...i love how you styled it with the shorts!! xoxo

  3. this outfit is totally adorable...kind of wanting to see if that UO shirt is still available! I have had two school girl crushes. The first was my physics teacher in high school. The second is on a prof at my college...who is also a great dresser, and sooooo cute! So no, you're definitely not a lone crusher; I think everyone has had at least one school girl crush :)

  4. i can't get over how adorable you look. if school uniforms were just like this look i'd be more than up for them! the peter pan collar is adorable and those shorts are perfection :)
    i wanna steal this whole look!


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