Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Edgar Allan Bow

This morning was a rough one. After hiding out in bed for a few hours, I decided to put on some of my favorite, comfy clothes to perk myself up. This shirt, which reads "Poe Is My Homeboy," is one of my absolute favorite shirts. Mainly because it's ridiculous. I decided to add some girly bows to the mix in the form of headbands and shoes, and hence the title of this post was born. For the record, I am far too proud of myself for coming up with the title. For today's post, I will have two different sets of pictures. You see, at first I decided to go super casual with just a pair of shorts. After I looked at the pictures, though, I wasn't thrilled and decided to change. So, I put on a skirt with the shirt and liked what I saw, so off I went to snap more pictures. HOWEVER, after looking at the first set again, I decided they weren't as awful as I originally thought. So, I present to you, albeit inadvertently, my first little "remix" of one of my favorite literary themed shirts (I also have a Thoreau one, ironically).

LOOK ONE-Shirt: Cafe Press, Shorts: UO, Shoes: Aerosoles?, Bow: Claire's

I would like to take this moment to share my favorite moment caused by this shirt. Back in high school, I decided to wear this shirt one dress down day, and my favorite teacher walked by and made the most appalled face. "POE IS YOUR HOMEBOY?! He was insane and on drugs and had RABIES," she screamed at me. It was really funny. I never saw her get that angry over anything! Anyway,

LOOK TWO-Skirt: H&M, Belt: NY&Co, Bow: Claire's, Glasses: Mom's

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it so much!

Until tomorrow,
Nicole :)


  1. oh my goodness. i love your blog..you are so cute!! i LOOOOVE your sweatshirt!!!! i need it!!! xooxox

  2. both looks are cute but i really LOVE that headband your wearing in the second picture

  3. The title is so clever :) You're a great writer, so that makes your blog very enjoyable to read...it's so annoying that a lot of the most frequented and popular blogs out there are utter shite in terms of the actual word content. Kind of makes you wonder about the people who are making those blogs so popular in the first place.../rant. Also, I'm kind of in love with that shirt.

  4. Your Poe story with the teacher made me LOL so hard!!! I am loving reading your blog.


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