Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If I had the chance, I'd ask the world to dance

Hello! So, today was a pretty laid back day which called for a just as laid back outfit. I headed to my old grammar school, where my mom teaches now, to help her clean and pack up her classroom for the summer. I actually got to see one of my mom's coworkers who is a close family friend and like a second mom to me, as well as her sons, who I'm really close to and don't get to see much anymore. It was really nice to just talk and laugh with them and having our interactions be so natural, like they always are. When I don't see someone I'm close to for a while, I always worry that when I see them again our interactions will be forced or awkward. It's always nice when that doesn't happen! :)

Somethings that ARE awkward though are these photos! I took them just as all my neighbors were getting home and felt a little self-conscious and silly. But anyway, on to the outfit.

Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Crop top: Delia's, Belt: Dad's, Sandals: Nordstrom, Ring: gift from sister, Necklace: Claire's, Glasses: Mom's

I love these silly little glasses! They're my mom's from the eighties, but ever since I found them I love to wear them, even if they look a bit silly.

And one silly photo just for giggles.

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  1. oh you have such a lovely blog, and i adore all your outfits! so very cute! i totally know what you mean about feeling awkward when people come around and you are taking photos...these turned out extra cute as a result i suspect ;)
    mamushka marie


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