Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Think I Need A New Heart

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Lately, I've been mulling over a lot of things. Probably one too many things. One might even go so far as to say that my mulling meter is overflowing. Predominantly, I've been thinking about my future, how it doesn't seem to be enough to have a part-time job that I really like. I feel like most of the people around me (including those I barely know) are giving me a gentle nudge in the direction of graduate schools and internships. On the train home from New Hampshire the other day, this woman who knew hardly anything about me except that I write and am a senior in college was advising me to "look for an internship in the city and make connections." Seriously. Is it so hard to focus on current happiness? To do what makes you feel worthwhile right now, without being hyper-concerned about this mysterious ever-looming "future" I've been hearing so much about? Is it possible to be simultaneously unconventional and successful? Is it possible to have a crush on someone who claims people call him "the luck box?" Is it possible to eat a half of a watermelon in one sitting? Hint: the answers to the last two are, unfortunately, yes. I still haven't quite figured out what to do with the former two questions.

I picked up this lace dress last weekend while visiting Callie. I almost didn't try this dress on, but thanks to some encouragement from her, I ended up giving it a shot, and may have fallen in love with it. Or, at least, came the closest that I've ever come to falling in love with a garment. It's fun and girly, but can be easily roughed up by some denim. And you know I love me some denim vests.

Dress: Vintage, Vest: Salvation Army, Sandals: Madden Girl via Marshall's

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So, while taking my photos today, my mom did this awesome thing where she took 8,000 horribly unflattering photos of me. I call this one,
"Did you say CAT?! WHERE?!"

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And here is a gif of me falling over while laughing. Thanks, mom!


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  1. Okay see if I ever wore that vest I would look so awful in it and like an old lady or something but you wear it and you look so classy and amazing and not like an old lady? It's cool how that happens. That vest is such a neat piece, and so totally you! That was a compliment by the way, haha. :) Probably not worded the best, but it was! I am being nice! Okies.

    Your peter pan collar is adorable, too. Good thing you tried on that dress! :D And I really like this location of yours for pictures! The ivy is just so pretty.

    Awuh, well at least you know not to worry far too much about the future. I believe that everything will fall into place for you. :) You're aware of it, so it's not like you're completely ignoring everything that's coming to you. I'm sure that something will hit you and you'll know what to do soon enough! Time works its magic.

  2. I love that dress! And seriously, if you're happy at the moment, just ignore everybody. There will always be time to work for free (internships) later. Present happiness is very important!

  3. I love denim vests too and it continues to surprise and kind of horrify me. The future is such a bizarre concept. I don't think it's really a matter of arriving at some future, but just being able to continue doing what you love. Then maybe the future creates itself...? Fingers crossed.

  4. I know what you mean. I feel like everything is always "future focused" and we can never just be happy with where we are now... :( Sigh

    I'm loving this outfit! The vest is so interesting and unexpected but you work it so well guuuurl

  5. i am loving that dress. and you know what. i've been thinking about the same things. but you have to do what makes you happy at any given moment. because the only person you have to please is you. and it's very hard to remember that when you get comments from every which way. but seriously girl. don't worry about it all.

  6. SeekingstyleblogJune 29, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    That .gif is adorable! And I think that vest was made to be worn with that dress :)

    xo Jennifer

  7. You look cute and loving that dress...


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