Monday, June 25, 2012

New Hampshire


On Friday night, my Vermonter train clattered into Brattleboro. As I eagerly (and gracefully, of course) made my way off, I scanned the cars and faces until I heard a loud "NICOLE!!!" and saw Callie running toward me. I had barely thrown my backpack into the backseat of her car before Callie launched excitedly into describing a "parking lot situation" that had happened shortly before my arrival. "And then she said, 'Well aren't you a PICTURE!'" As vague of a compliment as that statement is, most of this weekend was sort of like a picture, in that there was so much I saw and did and heard and spoke that was so good, that I'm barely sure it was all real. It's fortunate I remembered to take some pictures. New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful, fun places I've been. Callie took me to a beautiful field, overlooking Walpole (correct me if I'm wrong, Callie). It was quiet in a way I'd never experienced in the daytime. Crickets and crunching grass, a car curiously rolling by every few minutes, laughter. We went to the local music store, Turn It Up, plenty of times to visit her friends and leaf through rows of records. We visited Burdick's chocolates and had the most delicious chocolate I've ever had. We strolled around Main Street while she told me of the local lore (Jumanji was filmed in Keene, NH by the way). We stood up late into the night talking about everything, and I was woken up by piano music drifting through her living room. It was really a wonderful weekend that was so much fun, and so thoughtful. Thanks for being the best tourguide, Callie (and for letting me sleep on your couch)!

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"Why do you get to hold a bouquet, but I don't?!"

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Until tomorrow,


  1. Oh, hooray for you! You sound so very happy. :) And for that reason I am glad! Glad that you had such a wonderful weekend filled with pretty fields, an amazing tour guide and friend, and delicious chocolate! You two look like peas in a pod, so precious! :D

  2. You always have the most delicious looking treats on your blog! I wish i could have a taste!

  3. I'm glad you had an awesome visit. The scenery is seriously gorgeous. And I do love that shirt of yours.

  4. looks like an awesome trip, the view is so pretty! loving the outfits also


  5. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalJune 26, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    Aww Nicole! I'm so glad you had a good time! These photos do look really picturesque with the rolling hills and fluffy clouds! And graphic tees with floral tees are always so good together!

  6. Ooo I like these photos! I'm such a goofball. I'm so very glad you had a great time-- I know I did. There are still so many New Hampshire-y things you missed out on though! Next time! Yesterday it got all gloomy and I had to go to work and I was very sad that I wasn't still frolicking in fields and drinking iced hot chocolate with you. :)

  7. Crest whitestrips, honey. Please.


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