Monday, June 18, 2012

A Voice That Sings

june 16

This weekend was a silly weekend. On Saturday, we celebrated my father's birthday and father's day in one big, cheesy festival. After a yummy meal at Becco, we saw Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. Yes, the musical about Spiderman. Oh wow, was it something. Definitely, something. The songs were about as terrible as I expected. For some reason, Arachne, the lady of Greek myth that is turned into a spider by a wrathful Athena, played like a super huge role in the musical. That, and she had an Irish accent. The Green Goblin was top notch, though. As were the parts where Spiderman flew over the tops of our heads. Afterwards, we ate a lot of cheesecake, and it was divine (like Athena, but with cake). Yesterday was less eventful, because I slept until noon and spent the whole day embroidering one piece of fabric.

These pictures make me laugh. Do you guys ever look through your photos and just think to yourself, "I am taking myself way too seriously"? I mean, what am I longingly gazing at in that side profile photo? That shady looking gray van that often parks in front of my house? Romantic! Sorry if I just shattered the illusion that I am a fairy who spends most of my time in soft lighting, gazing over my shoulder. You can still think that, if you want.

Skirt: Vintage, Top: Delia's, Sandals: Korks by Kork-Ease

june 16 2

june 16 1

june 16 4

june 16 5

june 16 3

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  1. You'll always be a fairy to me, even if you're staring dramatically at a sketchy old grey van. Personally, I love the drama of outfit pictures. Now I'm going to be thinking what on earth these silly girls are staring to the side at in their pictures!

    Yep, this skirt is still definitely perfect for you. The best of the best! The length and everything just works with you so well. :D

  2. Nicole you look very pretty! Sounds like a decent weekend. I have not had a weekend like that in ages. I am loving your skirt BTW. It's a very pretty print!

  3. I absolutely adore this look! That skirt looks GREAT on you. Very flattering. I have a top really similar to the one you are wearing but I got it at H&M.

  4. Maggie MattinsonJune 18, 2012 at 2:22 PM

    I loveeeee this outfit on you! It's gorgeous. That skirt is so cute and my favorite combination ever is to pair stripes and florals :) Also, I love the shoes!

  5. hahah if YOU look like you take yourself too seriously in photos - i must look WAY over the top! oh whatever. i'm not a professional model. :P

    the spiderman musical sounds hilarious, to say the least. i kinda want to see it cheesecake...

    i love the mix of stripes and florals! that's one of my favorite things to do. :) pretty pretty!

  6. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalJune 19, 2012 at 12:58 AM

    Lol I too look back on my pictures and think "what the heck was so interesting to my right that I looked in that direction for so many pictures?" Robert asks me that too when he takes my pictures. It's tough to look "natural" in these kinds of photos! That skirt is so wonderful! You really pull of longer lengths well!

  7. I think we all feel a tad uncomfortable taking outfit shots, especially outdoors. You aren't alone! This is partially why I've stopped doing many OOTD posts - I just can't shake the feeling of narcissism.

  8. Haha! This is how I definitely imagine you (just kidding). At least there is instagram to prove differently! I love your braids so much. They make me want to grow my little bob out.. Do you tripod your photos? I feel like I take myself WAAAY more seriously when I'm taking them myself than when someone else has the camera and is talking to me the whole time. hehe.

  9. Gorgeous. Stripes, florals, sandals... the perfect summer uniform!! Haha, I love your longing looks - you look super pretty in these photos - but I know what you mean... I always find it strange editing photos of myself. Have a great day, sweet lady!! xo

  10. I like the stripes with this skirt! The shapes are really flattering. I am not a huge fan of musicals and the one you saw sounds especially silly!

  11. girl this outfit is killer. and you look so good.


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