Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bound By Symmetry

june 19

I'm really big on the idea of "the universe." Things happening for a reason, meeting people for a reason, crossing paths, you know. It probably stems from some sort of unfortunate control issue or something, but it's a big part of my mindset. Probably to an obsessive, annoying degree, but who's really keeping track of these things, am I right? Yesterday, a whole bunch of extraordinary coincidences and path crossings occurred, and I was just left repeating (muttering? drunkenly spewing?) the words, "Really? I mean, really?" For example, I put my ipod on shuffle while driving to work, which I never do, and just as I was drawing closer to my job, Red Right Ankle by The Decemberists came over the car speakers. Now, I dearly love that song, but it's not the sort of song I would ever listen to at nine in the morning because it bums me out something fierce. When my co-worker walked into work, headphones in, I heard Red Right Ankle playing softly, and I flushed with embarrassment, thinking I forgot to shut my ipod off (this has been known to happen). I quickly realized, half-relieved, half-confused, 100% astonished, that the song was coming from his headphones. I confirmed that that was the song he was listening to, and we subsequently high fived. ASTONISHING! Seriously, what are the odds of that? NOT GOOD, those are the odds. Then there were the series of really nice people I encountered on the drive to work (most notably the garbage man). REMARKABLE! Maybe it's silly of me, but these kind of things are really grounding. It's easy for me to get caught up in my own work, my own thoughts and fears, my own problems. Then these extraordinary things I have no power over just sort of happen, weaving my life in some small, unique way to someone else's, and I feel a little reminder of how simultaneously large and small the world really is.

Blouse: Old Navy, Skirt: DIY, Shoes: Vintage

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june 19 2

Now for some realistic photos! bloopers! Here are the faces I make when I have to spend the day writing grant reports, and think about how the universe might actually be taunting me.

june 19 3

june 19 5

On that note,

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  1. I was once watching 500 Days of Summer in my apartment with all the windows open. It was dusk and a cool breeze was actually blowing in. In the movie Joseph Gordon-Levitt sings Stand By Your Man by The Pixies. When the movie ended I turned it off and coming in my windows from the courtyard was Stand By Your Man by The Pixies. Woah, indeed.

  2. Oh, I'm totally all universe-y philosophiz-y like you are, too. Like for example, almost every time I have been walking into a store I have heard a Michael Jackson song. They haven't been playing Michael Jackson in stores for the longest time, but now it's all I seem to hear on the radio and in stores. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it means something. Something... suspicious HMM

    So no, you are not cray cray. The universe really is taunting you, and everyone else, and it's totally a normal feeling. I think.

    I adore that skirt on you and need to make and/or buy myself a constellation print something.

  3. Hello. I am writing this from the library where I am supposed to be reading for my computer science class and this makes me terribly happy, so thank you for sharing it because it's making me think of the times the universe has conspired in my favor. (I mean, this is not one of those times, sitting in library face smushed into textbook, but it is a nice reminder.)

  4. haha you're soo cute!! seriously. that last face is priceless. :)
    i'm the kind of person that, when i start thinking about "the universe" and all that, i get really boggled and i sit and think about it and nothing else for a long while. actually, i tend to do that with most things that i think about... i tend to dwell. and if i'm not dwelling, then it's not what i'm going to be thinking about. haha. weird...?

    i love your headscarf and your cute plaid button up. :D

  5. Sometimes I think we're the same person. I wish we were better bloggy friends! I call it the "universe", too, and I thoroughly believe in it, and it's so amazing all the things that can happen that seem so inconsequential and random, but just can't be! Going to Bonnaroo, I met up with a girl from school just so I'd know someone who was going and she randomly carpooled with some Australians, and they made friends with a campsite not too far away from ours and brought them over to hang out and one of the girls just moved back to Dallas! Which is where I'm moving soon, and we've been texting almost nonstop and I think we're going to be great friends. Can you believe it? The world works in funny ways.
    PS Don'tcha wanna send me that Vonnegut book when you get done? haha I'd send you a book in return and PROMISE to send it back! I want to read more of his stuff, but I can't afford it and the library here is shit. I guess I can just wait until I get to Dallas though! Surely the library there will have every Vonnegut book ever written!

  6. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalJune 20, 2012 at 10:08 PM

    I love the gingham print with your galaxy print skirt! I'm really big on the idea of fate and things happening for a reason. I use that reasoning when I can't control or explain things :) Fun, small, unexpected events always add spice to our lives :) You are adorable missy!

  7. last face. cute.
    i'm not one to believe in fate or destiny. but lately i've been beginning to wonder more and more about it. words i have yet to figure out how to put into well, words.

  8. That's crazy! But totally exactly what I'm talking about. What are the odds of something like that happening? I feel like it's the closest to "magical" or whatever I'm ever going to get, because it feels sort of magical.

    Anyway, I would TOTALLY be down for a Vonnegut swap! (Vonne-swap?) Once I finish Look at the Birdie I'll definitely send it to you. You should totally also loan me Sirens of Titan though ;)

  9. Yessssss. I'll totally Vonne-swap with you. ;)

  10. I LOVE this outfit and I love the last photo :) you're awesome, Nicole.
    I actually believe in some destiny or fate but at the same time I believe that we can choose our own path. Hmmm maybe I'm just confused haha :)
    Oh and by the way I didn't know the song before this. Thank you! I love it.

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