Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Can't Plan All the Parts

june 13

This jumper is one of my favorite things that I never wear. Before you argue with me that the previous sentence makes no sense-tence, let me explain. I really like the idea of this jumper, and how it looks hanging on the front of my dresser, but it's a tough piece to style. A few days ago, though, I channeled my inner infant train conductor (we all have one) and came up with this silly little outfit. It's a little weird, but if you (don't) know me (at all), you know I'm all about trying new things (rarely). Speaking of weird things, I've been feeling like a weird thing myself lately. Since I got back from California, I've been feeling pretty funky (and not in the good, Saturday Night Fever way, either). Work feels funky. My relationships with this city and this house feel funky. My relationships in general feel funky. Last night, I went out to a concert with my boss and some of his pals, and we saw a band called the Two Man Gentlemen Band, who were funky also (but in the good, Saturday Night Fever Way). See, funky. And weird. Another funky and weird (but good) thing? This book of Kurt Vonnegut's short stories I'm reading and posing with in these pictures.

Jumper: Asos, Shirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Vintage

june 13 5

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  1. OKAY BUT THAT LAST PICTURE IS LIKE THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. Whew. Now that I got that out of my system, I really like your infant train conductor outfit. A lot. I know what you mean about feeling funky and weird though. Sometimes I get like that and just nothing feels...right. Like I'm not where I'm supposed to be or doing what I'm supposed to do. Also I just depressed myself while writing this comment. That was fun. YOU'RE CUTE THE END.

  2. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalJune 14, 2012 at 11:26 PM

    I adore that jumper and I hope you find more ways to style it more (perhaps with a blouse?)! I've actually been looking for a navy one just like that! Ah! All the colors of this outfit are so cheery :) And...CA (being the best state and all) can have that effect on people hehe :) I hope you feel like yourself soon because you are so cute (especially in that last photo)!

  3. jumpers like this are kinda hard to style... i agree! and i'm sure the color of this one makes it even more difficult. but needless to say, it IS a really darling piece and i hope you find more ways to wear it! :D also, i'm sorry for all the funkyness going on. maybe change some stuff up at home and work? switch it up a bit!

  4. Aw Nicole! I remember seeing this jumper on ASOS and I loved it but didn't know if I'd look good in it etcetera...but you rock it! I love the striped tee underneath it, you look so cute :)

    Life is a romantic poem

  5. It is a super cute outfit. The colors are great.

  6. Cute outfit, I love these colours on you! xo

  7. Oooo I love that jumper!! And as for feeling funky... sounds like you need a good ole visit to NH! GOOD THING YOU'RE COMING SOON SOON SOON SOON

  8. Haha awe, you don't look like a toddler at all! You look super super cute, though. That jumper is adorable and you pull it off so effortlessly! It's such a good color for your skin tone, too.

    I'm sorry (or not?) that things feel funky right now. I don't know if this funk is the funk of getting back into the funky funk you were once used to or not, but I'm sure it'll go and funk itself and be normal soon. Adjusting!

  9. usually for me, to break a funk i start working out again, pick up something creative and fight my way through it, or make a mix cd.

  10. How freaking adorable are you Nicole, sheesh! Hmm, I want to be an infant train conductor too:) Now only wishing I would look half has cute in a jumper like that - which I agree, I wouldn't have a clue how to style it though you did quite brilliantly.

    Here's something to break the funk - that Nutella and peanut butter cupcake recipe I promised you:) Enjoy!

    xx Marisa


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