Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nobody's Baby

june 15 1

I wore this for a day of driving around, shuffling throw book rows at Barnes and Noble (and weeping over them), sipping a frappacino, stuffing my face with a delicious hamburger, watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, and perfecting Poe's hair. Yeah, I think that might just be everything I did today. I lead one of those exciting lives young people are always leading. I also ended up thinking a lot, about the people in my life. I mentioned yesterday that I've been feeling sort of funky, and when I'm in a funk, I tend to get really chatty. As you probably haven't noticed ever, I like talking and writing to try and work through what I'm feeling. I started thinking about how different all of the people I'm close to are, and what the different experiences and mindsets that they've all formulated help me to understand what I'm going through, and gain new perspectives. I know a lot of very wise people. I don't know how or why, but I've really lucked out, knowing the friends, bosses, bloggers, teachers, siblings, cats, doctors, starbucks employees, that I know. I find it hard to make friends, and as much as an open book as I am in this space, it's hard for me to open up, to feel comfortable enough around people to talk freely and without feeling like a whale in an icecream shop - a fact that makes me even more astounded that I have this extraordinary circus of support listening to me and sharing what they know with me.

Blouse, Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old), Sandals: Maddengirl via Marshall's

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  1. what a sweet summer outfit. especially comfy for the super hot weather we are having over here!

    i have a few wise people that i know in my life right now, but i'm hoping to meet many more in college. it sure is a blessing to be able to turn to them with questions, i bet!

  2. Why don't you live by me? Goodness, we'd have such a party making little Poe things and tellings secrets and talking about things and sdjsjkdghla sRSLY. I'm not so good at meeting new people and opening up to them... and yet on the Interwebs, I'm this supa diva talk-a-licious girl. Oh well.

    I'm really likin' these sunglasses on you! They're somethin' fierce. And that skirt just suits you so perfectly. This location of yours with the vines is quite a scenic place, too. I need to get out and explore some more locations.

  3. I really love how the title of this blog completely matches up with the outfit. They both transport me back to the 1960's, or basically just anything that Baby would wear in the movie Dirty Dancing.


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