Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Learned Fast How To Keep My Head Up

September 29 1

So, ladies and (probably not) gentleman, life has been kicking my butt something fierce this week. Well, mainly school and breakup guilt have been kicking my butt, and my butt is not appreciative of said kicking. Things have been stressful, as they're apt to be, and I've really been trying to "keep my head up" above the rising water line of all sorts of anxiety. I'm quite a sensitive lady, and have had lame breakup emotions hanging over my head since the weekend, so I've been feeling quite guilty and selfish. Add on top of that a fairly hectic schedule and tons of school work and you've got one stressed Cole. I don't want to complain, even though that's kind of all I've been doing this post, but I wanted to explain my sparse blog presence as well as express, for you guys and for myself, what exactly has been going on in my head lately.

This outfit, frankly, makes me feel like the mayor of cozy city. It was rainy for most of the day and it was my last day of classes, so I wanted to wear something comfortable, neutral, and cute-ish. I was going to complain about getting caught in torrential downpours while wearing a white blouse and a black bra (which did happen), but it was actually one of the funnier, more stress-relieving parts of the day. Everyone out on campus got soaked, and it was pretty fun running through the rain to shelter, super visible bra or not.

Cardigan, Blouse: H&M, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Famous Footwear, Brooch: Mom's

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  1. I'm sorry Life has stunk for you :P I know how it feels...Keeping on the sunny side of things is hard, but always pays off. I hope things feel better for you :)

    Love the little golden rose pin. Very cute. You look adorable :)

  2. I'd love to be mayor of cozy city! haha! I know first hand how hard it is too keep a positive outlook on life sometimes but I have faith that you will get through it! You're smart and talented and things will pick up!

  3. Sorry life is getting you down, on the plus side you look absolutely stunning. I hope stuff picks up soon xo

  4. You look like you're living cozy city! I think having my hair in a bun like so and having boots on and skinny jeans and a cardigan and a loose top are all important aspects of cozy city! You look pretty :) I know everything will work out for you- you're an amazing person and no doubt, you'll pick yourself up!

  5. You look adorable!! I love those jeans.

    Sorry to hear that things are rough. All I can say is keep hanging on!

  6. Sorry you've been having a rough time lately :( I hope things look up for you soon! And they will because I promise I'm sending out your package tomorrow. :) You look super cute. I am keeping this outfit in mind when a rainy day comes along :)

  7. I'm proud of you for kicking some rear end lately. I've been losing a lot of morale lately due to college applications and what, and reading how you managed to fight the devil inspired me to bring back my confident self again! Thank you for the inspiration :)

    Yesterday, I was one of those people that got drenched from the gale+downpour. I actually enjoyed getting soaked head to toe, only I hope I don't catch a cold soon.

  8. this is the perfect cozytime outfit.

    sometimes it's nice and almost cathartic to get caught in the rain.
    things will shape up :)

  9. I've also had a frustrating week full of emotions. Totally not guy or school related. But I think the core of those events can cause the same emotions. I've just been doing a lot of praying. It always helps me to know that I'm not holding all of this weight on my shoulders alone. I would say even writing it out (lame, old fashioned advice) but it really does help to see on paper what's going on and you'll get some freedom from the situation.

    On the other hand - what a clever description of this outfit. I think rainy days are always a pass for cozy-chic wear. Your hair is looking especially cute!

  10. Love your cool outfit, your top is so romantic :)

  11. I'm sorry for all the stress. Just keep going and try doing some things this weekend that will relax you. About the break, I'm really sorry sweatie. Things will get better I'm sure of it. Just be yourself and things will get better.
    Perfect outfit for a rainy day! I love the top! It flows great with your jeans and jacket.


  12. Gosh, you're looking cute, aren't you? Mayor of Cozy Town, cutest girl ever. And no worries about feeling stressed and full of ~emotions~. Happens to us all! <3 Good thoughts your way.

  13. I think that the whole bra peeking out thing looks really cool :) I am totally in the same page, school is just KICKING my butt and I do hate to say kick, but it's true


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