Monday, September 12, 2011

Pitching Pennies at the Moon

September 12

Goodness me, it's been a long time since I posted! Well, to me five days is a long time. Last week was my first week of classes AND my first week working, so towards the end I was forced to prioritize, and unfortunately blogging fell to the back of the "important things" pack. I've missed taking pictures (especially since I wore a lot of outfits I liked while I was away) and sharing my thoughts with you guys, so hopefully I can get my business together and do everything I need and want to do. This weekend was one of the busiest I've had, going to FNO and seeing friends, hosting an event for my job, and trying to get all of my school work done. I'm not the best at balancing things, since generally I either have a job or am a student, but I'm hoping to get the hang of this whole multi-tasking thing soon.

Today I went pretty simple with my outfit choice. Skirt, shirt, shoes, and hair in a messy bun. What can I say? It's Monday and I'm sleepy. I picked this outfit out last night, and was not too inclined to put it on this morning, but I couldn't come up with anything better so I stuck to my original plan. I love this shirt, but due to it's awkward length I don't wear it much. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with some new ideas for it soon.

Top: Asos, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Sensible shoes: Mom's

September 12 1

September 12 3

September 12 2

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  1. I think you're gorgeous in this outfit! x Tati

  2. Beautiful look, so laid back & totally adorable! I love the asos top too. I'm such a huge fan of their clothes, absolutely gorgeous. Hope you're having a fantastic start to your week, & best of luck with your sched. xo veronika

  3. Nice and easy! I've been really bad at multi-tasking too this week; it's driving me nuts! Did you go to the blogger picnic again this year? I'm feeling loads of jealousy about these events, and might even have to schedule a visit one year!

  4. Sweet and simple! Love the shirt :D you look lovely.

  5. what a cute and simple outfit! and i know what you mean about blogging and being busy. i've been busy feeling sorry for myself and busy with school, so it's also been hard on my part. you'll figure it all out. :)

  6. Multi tasking is the way to success and I'm sure you'll get a hold of it as you get more used to it :) Good luck! The top is so lovely <3

  7. You look adorable! I love the skirt, even if I agree it's pretty short :)
    I think combining work and lessons is tough...but I'm sure you'll manage to do everything well!

  8. I like that shirt too...the print is really pretty!

  9. I don't think that top is an awkward length at all. It's a great length to put over skirts and over dresses :) You've been wearing it great on your blog so far! Love your shoes! I need to get me some sensible loafers!


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