Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rainy Day


Today is my favorite kind of day. The cozy kind where it's chilly and rainy out so you can cuddle up inside with a sweater and a good book (or in my case, August Wilhelm von Schlegel's thoughts on Germany in the Romantic era?). I had an early class this morning, so I couldn't stay in bed and laze about, but I was able to get home early as well, just as the rain was picking up. Speaking of my good friend Schlegel, this would be my first week of classes! I don't know why I added that exclamation point, as I'm not yet too excited about any of my classes. This semester I'm trying new subjects and trying to push myself, which also means trying to convince myself I'm just as capable as anyone else in my classes. I'll be taking a history course on Romantic Europe, a literature class called Allegories of love, and a poetry workshop that doesn't run like any workshop I've ever taken before (I haven't had it yet though. Thursday!). Last year was a very comfortable year study wise, except for my poetry. So, while I'm a big fan of comfort and stability, I'm kind of forcing myself to try some new things this year.

By the way, I just wanted to mention that I was featured on the We Love Colors style blog today! It's really exciting, and I'm so flattered. In a fun coincidence, I wore my new We Love Colors tights today, since it was cold enough to wear tights and not die of heat stroke. Hooray!

Dress, cardigan: H&M, Boots: Famous Footwear, Tights: c/o We Love Colors






Until tomorrow,


  1. I hope your classes turn out better than you hope! I love these tights! Congrats on being featured on we love colors!!! It must have been rainy on the entire east coast today.


  2. Those tights are such a rad color!! I love how you wore that dress with them too. Good luck with your study load. It's sounds challenging and interesting.

  3. I'm so jealous of your tights and cardigan!!! The other day, it rained and I wore a cardigan and just about died. I so miss the coziness of a wonderful soft sweater. You look adorable!! I've been meaning to email you- I will soon!

  4. Congrats on the feature! I love the shade of your tights, so pretty! I seriously need more tights, I only have like 2 black pairs, boring!

    I looooove days like that too, it has been so deliciously cool here, love it!

    Good luck in the new classes!

  5. Good luck with your classes Nicole! I'm excited to hear about the poetry one. :) Can't wait to see you!!! Also, today was one of my favorite kinds of days too. I will always find rainy days the most romantic and most cozy.

  6. That's so cool you're trying out new classes! I love trying new things.

    You could have easily thrown on dull, black tights and left the house in a monochromatic outfit - but you stepped it up and added a pop of color with your tights and really owned the outfit. Way to be an original fashionista. :)

    This is kind of off topic - but I noticed you have me linked on your sidebar (thank you, by the way) and I wanted to let you know I changed the URL a few weeks back. It's now anoldstoryblog.blogspot.com

  7. i am dying over this outfit, nicole! as i was scrolling down i was like, "oh i like that dress...and those tights...and those boots..." haha. you look adorable as always! i hope you have a fantastic semester my dear :)

  8. Today was a perfect day! I actually got to wear my leggings AND my sweater :)) I couldn't stop smiling. And I didn't have to turn on the A/C while practicing piano, either. If only it would be like this consistently from now on.

  9. I love love love your boots, and your hair is so cute!

  10. You look lovely! I like the pop of colour of those tights :)
    I also love rainy days :) good luck with your classes!


  11. you make me wish it was raining already so i could look as cute as you!

  12. Your hair is looking so good, that is a great color for you! Isn't the rain just awful? I'm tired of carrying my umbrella around everywhere and PA is going to float away with how much rain we are getting...

  13. which kind of tights did you get? i've been looking to find a good pair of tights and "a curious fancy" also recommended them. there are the cheaper $8 kind and the $10 and 12 kind. any advice? i'd kind of like to get the cheaper pair.. should i splurge?

  14. Ohh, you look so cute. I love the blue tights.

  15. That dress is super pretty and you look adorbs ladybug

  16. ahhh! so cute. i love your tights lady

  17. I love these tights so, so much! I was just thinking about ordering some from them actually! So they seem like good quality, right? Like, if I put them through the washer would they emerge alright, or a big tangled mess of holey tights? I LOVE their color selections but I am really unlucky with tights, hehe :)

    I hope you have fun in your new classes! I bet that poetry workshop will be really fun!

  18. Loving this whole rainy day outfit Nicole! The pop of color from your tights is such a nice touch :)

  19. I love love your hair colour lady! I don't know how you rock it so well with all these different colours; you inspire me. Does your dress have cats on it???!


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